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We are creators of our destiny

We are creators of our destiny

We are the engine drivers who drive the “train” of our life. Daily we cross many crossings, small or big. There is a countless number of tracks which we can take. But not all of them lead up to the destination station to which we have to return in time if we do not want the long way we already overcame to be wasted.

A gear lever of our locomotive has got only two positions - YES for life or NO. At the beginning of our journey, at the beginning of our spiritual development, there was the gear lever at the position leading to life and our ability to feel what is right was clear. What position is the gear lever now? Are we able to distinguish in each situation which decision is leading to the life? Do we travel the right direction or do we head for disaster?

At the subjective sights from the different points of view, life appears to be a complicated thing. After all, we live in the world of unlimited possibilities. But life in its deeper essence is absolutely simple. Similarly to material world which teaches us to distinguish good and bad, nice and ugly, solid and fragile... also our facing the life has only two possible choices: either we direct our life to spiritual consciousness and awakening - what is the main aim of our life, or to spiritual sleep.

Whether we are conscious of this or not, we create our future by our decisions which fulfills inevitably, similarly as the switching the points directs us to the rail which we are forced to go on until the nearest crossroad enabling the change. We change the direction of our life not only by decisions about important things but mainly by tens of little YES or NO in everyday situations by which we change our imaginary gear lever of our train.

It is important for us to be constantly aware of direction of our thoughts, words and deeds and we should not postpone our decisions to change the direction of journey, if we find out that it is not right one. Because if we rush on the wrong rail leading to the opposite direction, our distance from the target station gets bigger and we will have to travel moreover. By traveling the wrong direction we are also exhausted and we run the risk of loosing the right route or we will not to finish the traveling in time. The lifetime of rails by which we can reach the target is not eternal.

As we want to lead our life properly, we have to consider what spiritual impact will have on everything what we are doing. Yes, our inner life is influenced by the choice of food, our clothing style and many other material occasions but only by these things we would never reach the real change. Only by spiritual change of ourselves, we can move along the vertical line of being and we get into higher horizontal level of life. Only then we can reach the significant change in earthly life, too, which is the reflection of our spiritual level.

There are many different levels (horizontals) of life in this world. We can daily meet happy, unhappy, successful and unsuccessful, satisfied and dissatisfied people... without regard to the fact that they are rich or poor. The person who suffers from the life which he created by his own choices, is probably concerned only into material level of his life story and he does not take care of the most essential thing –whether his choice rises him spiritually or pulls him down. He is like the engine-driver who is in the labyrinth of the rails and he chooses between the route with golden rails and the route stoned by precious marble but he does not see the fact that no one leads to the target station.

How will our decisions by which we switch the gear leading our life look like? Will we take care of the others or will we solve our things carelessly? Will we sit in front of the television for the hours watching how the other people “live” or will we live ourself and strengthen by experiences? Will we buy a video game full of brutal killing for children or will we spend the moments of happiness with them and rise nice people? Will we rather go out for a walk to forest or will we have a “relax” in the pub? Will we support what is right and make a stand against the wrong or will we leave leading of life conditions for all of us in the hands of people who misconduct it? Will we constantly think about past situations or dream of future and leave the presence run out among our fingers or will we realize the responsibility for our life and live it knowingly? YES or NO?


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