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TV faces

TV faces

Are you watching? I am not. I decided to live my life myself instead of watching how others can live it, or to put it a different way, how they for big money pretend that they live it. I simply prefer the real life rather than unrealistic scenes and fantasy. Sure, I know what you are thinking now... Not watching TV these days? Well, television is giving you so much - you are informed about what is happening in the world, you see the stories of other people, you can see nature from countries where you might never travel to and find relaxation and entertainment by watching movies. You seem to receive all this and even more. But are you really profiting from this? Let’s have a look at what you really see on television. This is not so easy because a lie which is repeated a hundred times becomes the truth and if someone meets with something nearly every day, he or she will stop perceiving it, similarly as the ticking of the clock in the room.

Probably the least known thing for movie lovers will be the fact that this nice feeling of tension and amazement that comes from watching movies is not for free - similarly like the pleasant state of alcohol or drug intoxication, which gives first the pleasant feeling but later takes it back with its interest earnings. This nice feeling is in fact made up from your own energy. For that feeling which you experience during the few moments while watching the movie you are wasting a huge potential of spiritual energy, which will be later missing in your every day life. Do you already know why you are bored with your normal life and why you are searching for relaxation and rest in front of the TV screen? It is the carousel where you will tiredly start watching another sequence of images and spend a few satisfactory moments again which will repeatedly steal your energy and throw you squeezed out back to normal life. I don’t understand how an ordinary TV viewer could enjoy his simple life at all when everything is so perfect and flawless in television without needing to move a finger (except for pushing the remote control button...). People often don’t realize that this is about unrealistic things which simply don’t exist and subconsciously we would like to live a similar life. But this simply is not possible. After all, if you just want to find a partner in real life, your taste is shifted to the ideal of television actors and actresses into unrealistic levels of their made-up faces and their well-enacted behavior, which you can hardly expect seeing outside the TV screen. Thanks to television, your desires are also shifted to this unrealistic level and the normal life is becoming more tedious and colourless, because you always unconsciously compare it with the fake ideal with which television is amazing you. It is almost like when someone gets his tongue taste buds accustomed to, for example, the flavored potato chips with artificially increased taste. Then the taste of normal food does not seem to be strong enough. It’s not because normal food is less tasty but because you have burned your taste buds with the purposely overdeveloped chemically created taste and you can no longer taste the natural flavors properly. Maybe you do not feel it yet while watching television like a man who doesn’t feel heavy consequences of smoking during the first years, but once after you lose the existing vitality, you will not be able to return back the life that has slipped away from your fingers.

Do you enjoy watching nature documentaries and the beauty of nature? Well, I see only a man who sits on his bottom with his eyes glued to the telly. I see the pale face of someone who is decolored by the TV radiation, who lacks the touch of the real nature without which he is withering. Not even a hundred documentaries about nature can replace the time spent in the beauty of the real nature...

Are you interested in history and in the revealing of mysteries from the ancient times? No problem, film companies will produce it for you in a manner that meets your expectation and they will try to make it as good as to keep you in front of the screen and make you waiting for the continuation. The end justifies the means. Who cares today that what you are watching is not true? Or do you believe it? The media place the sensation in the first place, not the truth. Therefore, all information is represented sensationally without considering whether it is truth. Starting with movies and TV serials, everything is created this way... Not to mention the misuse of media as a tool of power. Even the news about current events is usually completely changed and often showing what is going on, but absolutely differently from how it is in reality. Everybody looks at the so-called terrorist attacks and receives the words that it is necessary to fight against terrorism even if in reality there are no terrorists but... it is only important to get your approval for armament, military attacks intended for "the higher cause" (money) and control the people. Television is often used for commanding the public opinion and for manipulation. Just try to ask how many people, for example, believe that on 9/11/2001 terrorists attacked the Twin Towers and the Pentagon?

I certainly do not want to say that television is only bad. A truly good movie can spiritually strengthen and inspire you, focusing on more serious living conditions on Earth can lead to a change, the beauty of nature can thrill you and encourage you to visit it, and a realistic view of the past can lead to lessons being taken from it. How many of these programs are actually on television? And how many of them reinforce the aggressiveness, fear, sexual urge, self-despair and fill our intellect with dirt of uselessness?

The time that man received for life is very precious. It allows him to obtain spiritual consciousness and together with that also the eternal life. The world of spirit is a million times more interesting than the best film. Is it worth to waste this time by watching telly which actually puts your spirit into a deadly sleep?


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