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Don't drink that wine

Don't drink that wine

It hurts me so much when I see my friends, acquaintances dying in front of my sight every day... no, I'm not talking about death of the body but about something more serious.

While a human is a child, everything is alright - they feel and see things around them clearly. Under the weight of learnt knowledge and world-opinions pushed on us, that bright picture simply gets distorted; however, while we are young, we are still able to feel, to be enthusiastic about the good, and conscious of the marvelous spiritual power which flows through us. But when we enter the world around us, things start to change and it unnoticeably continues to be worse. Rush and other negative effects of lifestyle lead to cigarettes and alcohol, and tiredness stops our moving in front of our TV boxes. The general consuming way of life and life in brain do harm the spirit; people slowly wither away and brightness of life fades out from their days. It is only a ridiculous substitution of real life that limps on crutches of alcohol, drugs, television and other artificial pleasure makers. This way the spirit and character successively die in us and there's just an empty cover left. And for what? For some ridiculous stuff which they don't even have time to use? What is all that worth when the essence fades out because of it?

Human beings are born here to become spiritually more conscious, clearer, to fulfill their spirit with love, brightness and to find their way home to spiritual worlds by purging themselves. Instead of this, they become uglier, charged with guilt and bounded with bad habits rather than liberating themselves. If man is rushing to material values, he spiritually weakens; he lulls his spirit by comfortable religion and stays in an illusion that everything is all right. We cannot even talk about becoming pure and about other spiritual values along with sex-business, which attacks us from the mass media and feeds low desires bringing down any idea of love to an animal instinct.. Instead of raising the spirit, people are more and more bounded to the ground and unable to fly heavenwards. The Earth no longer fulfills its task and does not allow spiritual development of man as The Creator wished. But this condition is not going to last forever.

Today's world is similar to a film, where a king invited nobles for a feast. Everything was decorated; tables were full with food, music attracted the guests to enjoy themselves and forget ordinary sorrows and problems. "Dear guests, pick up your bowls to honour the king. Have fun up to the maximum...", resonates through the hall. And the nobles are entertaining themselves.

As fun escalated to full satisfaction and the supplies of the tasteful king's wine reduced, a noblewoman - who was in the centre of attention, unnoticeably went away to look for her son. He was having fun with a hilarious society of young nobles. Although he liked his mother very much, this time he had no understanding for such an unusual urgent matter, when she asked him to have a private talk.

"Mother, this talk has time - today there's nothing more important than fun. So keep on entertaining too," shielded himself her son against the importance of her message - he didn't feel like talking with his mother at that moment. But when she didn't agree to leave, he followed her to one of the adjacent rooms. His mother first made sure that there was nobody who might have heard them, and then she made a speech to his son quietly.

"You know, this celebration is from the king's will and I am supposed to organise it all... Here you are. Drink it," she gave him a small bottle. "But leave a half for me!"

"What is it?" asked the son and put it away suspectively.

"Don't ask; don't even want to know about it! Drink it and everything will be all right - for me as well as for you.

But her son refused to drink it and his mother has speak up the truth. "You know, the king entrusted me with something special. This age is not easy, and revolts threaten us. Therefore, this feast started from the king's command... and the wine they are all drinking..."

"Mum, what's the matter with the wine?"

"It's... poisoned. But I have an antidote, drink please, it's enough of it for you and me."

"What? That's impossible! What on earth did you do? Mother! How could you! You said you wanted to rescue me..." And mother again offered the unusual liquid to him.

"But what about my friends? Is there enough for them, too?" Mother turned her head and, looking in her son's eyes, said "no".

"No, I can't do that! When they die, I will die too. Oh, my friends! They are my life and life without them has no sense any more. I'd rather die with them than live like a dead man." He stood up and while standing he looked at his mother wanting to believe that everything was only a dream. However, in her empty sight every hope faded.

"I won't drink this antidote. I don't want a poisoned life," he said and turned his head away, then put the bottle away. "I'll stay with those whom I love until the end, whatever it will be like." With these words he left. And the mother? Realising her horrible act she had no energy to leave her son and drink the special liquid herself alone...

Fun keeps going further on and the nobles do everything they can imagine. Why should they care? Today, there's nothing important but fun. There's still much food to try, many moments to live and a lot of wine to drink. Yes, it feels like they all must keep swinging in the waves of dance, to make use of time when the body is young and full of energy.

The poison's effects don't let them wait for long. Soon, it is one guest, than the second one who wrinkles his face in sudden sickness. Despite of that the others still don't mind and it seems that there's nothing what could stop them in making fun. As the number of sick guests increases and the rest of them feel the same weird sickness, they start to take the symptoms into the account. Now they begin to ask what is behind this generous feast they had been invited to. A toast to honour the king... all were encouraged to drink their glasses up to their bottom and for their health! However, the truth doesn't bring deliverance. Being scared they spill their glasses and realise the horrible and inevitable truth that it is too late!

What a sudden change. Where have the feasters' carelessness and joy gone? Instead of laughing, crying is heard, and carelessness has changed to remorse; joy has been replaced with pain which ends in death. Suddenly, it's time for questions which had been left unanswered in comfort - but it's already too late. Death is inevitably coming and then... The "then" will actually come and no excuse will help.

We still have time. It is still possible, because we haven't completely gone lazy and dull. We can still act in another way; bring love back to our lives. Please don't waste this precious time by cheap fun from which we have a headache - becoming sober is cruel. I warn you, don't drink that wine. It's poisoned!


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