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Perception Perception: In this category you can find articles about spiritual perception. The Truth cannot be found by reading books; it can only be shown in books and a Truth seeker must learn to see it himself. Therefore, these articles are not only for reading, but also for realizing...

Knowledge Knowledge: All philosophical writings, scholastic information or theological facts you receive are only mentally learned information, not the real knowledge. The real knowledge is based upon experiential searching, real truth seeking, natural knowing, and living within the boundaries of one's own spirit.

Life Life: If we have our eyes and hearts opened, everyday we learn something precious in this school named Life. By perceiving, understanding and by being integrated into this Life's Laws we can grow everyday...

Human Human: Human being is somehow created and developed, has a natural substance, something harms him and something helps him; however, today he has lost the ability to recognize what is harmful and what is not...

Practical Practical: Articles which offer recipes for various useful things, and also help to stop many problems of any kind, physical too, but mostly the spiritual kind, because it always has preference. Knowing about the cause of illness is more than medicine...

Bible Bible: The Bible hides a lot of wisdom and truth, but these have been often distorted over centuries by people. What is really hidden in well-known words and phrases..?

Religion Religion: Religion without real knowledge of Truth is useless. Therefore, it is important to recognize the Truth and not to exchange the true meaning with the form; only contents give a value to the form, which without reason is empty...

Thoughts Thoughts: When the mind serves to the spirit, exploring and thinking about events and laws of life lead us to the Truth. Valuable thoughts are always reflection of the heart...

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