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The Train of Life

The life of human beings born on this planet can be compared to travelling on a train. This journey is full of pleasing surprises, but it also contains grief. It begins with our getting on the train and ends with our getting out of it. The day of our birth is the day of our getting on the train; there we meet the persons we would like to stay with during the whole journey: our parents. But the truth is different. They get out at some station, deprive us of their tenderness, grace and irreplaceable company. But it does not stop others from getting on; they will become very important for us, too. Our brothers, friends and magical sweethearts are coming. Among the persons travelling by this train are also the ones who came only because of travelling. Those who evoke sadness only, ...but also those who pace around the train and are prepared to help. Most of them leave their sorrow behind... Other people pass so stealthily we even don't notice that they vacated their place. Some of the passengers, whom we love most, occupy room at the most distant places from our seats in the carriage. This is why we will have to travel without them. Of course, nothing can stop us from visiting the carriage during the journey at that far place and be with them... But we will not be allowed to sit next to them, because this place is already taken. But it does not matter; this journey looks just like this: full of challenges, dreams, fantasies, reunions and farewells; but never returns. For that reason, we undergo this journey in the best possible way. Let us try to befriend with every passenger, let us search for the best characteristics in each of them. Remember that they can stutter in any stage of their journey and we will probably have to understand them... As a consequence, we will, too, trip over our tongues many times and hopefully someone comes into sight that understands. The big mystery dwells in the fact that we will never know which station we are getting off right now, where our fellow-travellers get off the train including the ones that sit right next to us. It will be painful to be separated from some friends. To abandon our partners and children, to leave them alone - this all is not easy. But thanks to it, the time when their journey, too, will end and when they will get out at the terminal station with luggage they did not have during their getting on will be very enjoyable. The thought that we ourselves contributed to their luggage enlargement and making it thus more valuable will make us happy.

Dear friends, let us take advantage of our train journey as much as possible not only for our own benefit, but also for others, because the ticket on the journey has a great value. Let us behave the way that when the moment of getting off the train comes, our place remains enjoyable for those who continue on the journey. And you, dear fellow travellers, have a nice trip!!!


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