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Spiritual knowledge

About these web pages

Welcome to the English pages of the Slovak web site www.poznanie.sk. The word "poznanie" means "knowing" and these web pages are dedicated to the most important aspect of man's life: seeking and knowing Truth.

Here, you won't find theological facts; statistical data; philosophical works and large reflections. We won't burden you with the words of scholars and experts. These represent mentally acquired information, not real knowledge. Real knowledge is based upon experiential searching, seeking genuine truth, knowing naturally, intuitively, and living within the boundaries proper to one's own spirit, not those of another: history abounds with evidence of "false teachers" who were supposedly "in the know".

In order to make navigation simple and promote a clear understanding, we attempted to categorize the contents; some subjects, however, may overlap into others. Because we do not offer information to be merely mentally acquired – to be absorbed quite like a battery is charged – our articles should be read with heart, and felt through our spirit.

You will find here also lots to read of an extraordinary quality, notably the book In the Light of Truth by Abdrushin, which we highly recommend.

The www.spiritual-knowledge.net web pages are only a small part of the Slovak site as yet, but we hope to add more articles soon, as translations become available. Any assistance in this regard, and reports of spelling and grammatical errors, or any other suggestions, will be appreciated.

While we are selective and offer only the best articles and stories, we want to especially recommend the articles in the perception category. When man is able to open up his own spiritual perception, only then will he see himself, and will not need to read about it any more. Then his faith becomes his own knowledge.

We wish you beautiful
and fully conscious living

articles of the day
Spiritual Knowledge: Message of Beechen Gnomes Message of Beechen Gnomes When we are in the forest, we are never alone. In the borderline of inner and outer world, there is a hidden world, full of small living beings...

Spiritual Knowledge: Mr. Somewhere Mr. Somewhere mr. somewhere missing somewhere, couldn't get the calendar to stop, missing somewhere, never did figure just how much... This Mortal Coil

Spiritual Knowledge: Wealth Wealth Material wealth cannot saturate us forever. If we reach one goal, we must immediately search for the other one. If we gain a place for...

Spiritual Knowledge: The vigilant perception The vigilant perception Realizing, observation, attention, vigilance... are words denoting the same thing. To be vigilant means to live consciously whole day, year...

Spiritual Knowledge: Money Money Money? You shall have no other gods before me... Money should reflect the value of work, but it becomes the ruin of the entire economy instead..

Spiritual Knowledge: Nostradamus Nostradamus foretold the rule of Napoleon, Hitler, both world wars... Although there is a big interest about Nostradamus prophecies, many interpretations are...

Spiritual Knowledge: The three sieves of Socrates The three sieves of Socrates „Well“ Socrates says with a smile „If the story you're about to tell me isn't true, good or necessary, just forget it...“ The three sieves of Socrates

Spiritual Knowledge: Karma Karma Karma is the natural result of free will, reaction for your actions; but it does not bring the unavoidable fate; in fact, knowledge of the law of karma brings liberation from...

Spiritual Knowledge: The Lord's Prayer The Lord's Prayer Lord's Prayer! There are only few human beings who seek to become aware of what they actually want when they say the Lord's Prayer...
latest articles
Spiritual Knowledge: Vulgarisms Vulgarisms Speech reveals everything about man: character, depth, spiritual maturity, thinking. Vulgarisms? Human speech should be noble, high, pure...

Spiritual Knowledge: Smoking Meditation Smoking Meditation Forget about stopping. You don’t need it. Don’t try to stop. Try to understand. Make it a meditation... Cigarettes and meditation?
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