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Stream of Light

Stream of Light

It is not the most important thing if man is good or bad, but if he or she is, or is not. If you do not believe, remember Paul, who at first pursued and killed Christians, and then became the strongest apostle of Christ; or Jesus' words "...the publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you". Bad man can easily find the Truth and become good. But if somebody is empty within himself, acting like "a good boy" does not help him to develop spiritual consciousness. In order for man to exist, he must be spiritually alive and the Light must flow through his beingness. To wear the mask of goodness, which is by mistake just replaced with silkiness, is not enough.

The stream of Light in man is often blocked by various qualities - self-interestedness, hypocrisy, insincerity, complexes... The more such blocks we deal with, the more the stream of Light is under restriction, which actually flows to all human beings with equal measure. Therefore, the saying that God loves all the creatures without exception is truth.

Every block that stays in the Light's way is created by our own energies - they unfriendly stand against the Light - it is, for example, vanity, fear, envy... The less quantity of the blocks is in man, the more is he vital and capable to perceive the reality by spirit. In order to achieve the full flow of the Light, man does not need to do anything; it is enough if he stops doing things which are blocking the stream of the Light flowing to him.

If man had a belief - which is the same thing as not resisting to the Light (if he stopped having fears, prejudges, narrow-minded opinions...), he would irradiate nicer glow and would immediately attract other similar - beautiful life situations... Therefore, it is truth that belief makes miracles. The more lighter is man and the more brighter within himself, the more he can perceive by his spirit; then the real spiritual way of life opens before him, which is not replaceable by any read or learned information.


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