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Every human being has his or her karma, whether we know about it or not. We have a direct influence on how karma will show up in all our life. Even at every single moment it is our inner state that does affect the way how karma will fulfill itself, which means that we alone are making decisions whether we will be sick or healthy, whether they will fire us out of our job, or will only give us a friendly warning that we make a mistake...

What is karma? Each action creates a reciprocal action - the reaction; therefore, karma is the result of those previous actions which have to be manifested accordingly. Once you throw away the stone, it must definitely fall down; each of our actions, too, including words or even thoughts, the perfect architecture of laws never forgets - it is the work of the perfect precision.

According to teachings of some spiritual masters, karma does not exist. If we become aware that we have a direct influence on the karma's effects (it will be clearly explained throughout this text), then we must agree with them, because if we consciously act in harmony with the Cosmic Law, then karma will not have such a negative impact on us, no matter how unbearable it may be.

Some people do not believe in karma, others see everything in the hands of fate and they submerge themselves in helpless struggle of life. Many of them talk about God's will and in their false humility they say: "It was supposed to be like this, it was predestined". Was it really predestined? Such questions are based on ignorance. There is nothing here that is doomed to happen or predestined to anyone. Such an attitude is derived from a tendency to get rid of the responsibility for our lives, nothing more. Do you not remember? After all, God gave us the right of free will. But what kind of freedom it would have been if we had already dealt with what is predestined - with what will happen to us? Nothing like the predestined destiny does exist here - whether directly or indirectly, we are solely responsible for everything that happens to us.

The man's life is similar to a farmer's life. The farmer sows seeds in the soil all around him and later he reaps the results. Thus, somebody walks through the blossomed garden; somebody else must struggle his way through the thorn bush and the thistles - everyone according to what he or she sowed. That soil is the material world, those seeds are thoughts, words and actions; and our situation in life and also what we get from everyday life is the harvest. Some seeds bring fruits immediately, for some of them it takes long time to mellow. It does not matter if we sow those seeds directly ourselves or if we tempt others to do this or do that; then they sow something into our life, too, because everything what we have is also indirectly caused by ourselves.

The first way how to change our life is to become aware of what we are "sowing". If we kick people, then we will receive our kicks back later; if we steal, then the same thing, too, will happen to us... so it is the completely simple principle - you just need to watch the life around you and perceive human lives and life situations.

Many people are confused by not seeing the causes of successes and sufferings in their lives, or that their actions do not bring benefits or destruction immediately. It is because the reaction law works in its own tempo and it is, too, not delimited just into one human life. There is a saying, "The God's mills grind slow, but sure ". Deceleration of manifestations of our thoughts, words and actions is exactly that thing which gives us both the option of freewill and also the amount of time necessary for reparation. For example, if intolerance would create stomach spasms immediately, or if by wishing someone else's death the wisher would immediately die, how could then ignorant people become unignorant? Therefore, many of the outcomes of our actions often return over time, when man becomes mature and when he is able to face the consequences of what he sowed consciously, so it can be used for his advantage and for his knowledge about what is right and what is not. The best way how to learn is to feel the results of wrong previous actions on our own skin (when the good way could not be chosen). Exactly by knowing what is right and wrong, the man's spirit can learn to distinguish and thus it will become conscious. As a result, karma becomes his best tutor.

Jesus spoke about karma (the law of retroaction) very often but he used other words for it. He told that if man sows thistles then he cannot reap olives; that a good tree bears good fruit and bad tree bears bad fruit; He used others parables too. The words about actions and reactions, how we could concisely call karma, were the main part of His teachings. Therefore, we should try to fully understand what karma is and we should try to be aware of this process in everything what we are doing - as a matter of fact, it is one of the God's basic laws.

If we want to go deeper into the meaning of the word karma, then we can say that man does not suffer for his previous actions - well, how could he then suffer for the past which exists only in memories? In the world of the spirit the past or the future does not exist; there is just the eternal presence. Man suffers only for what he or she is like in the present state. He did not eliminate the causes of karma; he did not become better, therefore he can be likewise hit back by karma. In this way, we can also explain why karma's manifestation can take place many times all over again; for example, in the form of a disease which always returns. It is simply because man does not eliminate the cause of a disease which does not reside in the body, but in the man's spirit; on the body we see only the results of the disease. So man does not suffer for what he has done until now, but for his ability to fall prey to temptation to do the same mistake over again. There is still this past mistake in him, which still lives and still threatens to manifest itself again if an occasion appears. Therefore, karma is not just a result of the past we cannot do anything about, but it is something alive which exists in our presence.

How does karma work? If man does something good and this is helpful for people who are really in need of help, then he creates good karma. In practical plane it means that when he will need help, then somebody will help him too - and in the same measure as he helped others. If we look at this from a subtler point of view, then this man created beautiful vibrations, which are attracting similar situations he had created with his good action before. This karma will serve as a shield, too, and it will protect him against dark vibrations and it will also help him to prevent bad things. But if man did something good for others only from self calculation, for example, wishing to be nice in the eyes of his surroundings, or just to get an advantage - thus parallelly creating some good vibrations, which will give him good karma - then he creates a dark cover around himself, which prevents healing effects of good karma from coming to him; thus, he alone will forfeit it. And in the same way, all other dark vibrations made by human thoughts, words and actions, prevent good karma from taking its effect. However, it also works the other way round - if man emanates purity and light, or if he acts, talks or thinks with love in mind, then these bright deeds become a shield which will protect him against the effects of bad karma. And this is indeed a great grace and opportunity for reparation.

Karma is something alive; it is something made by us, and we will have to experience it whether we like it or not. But the way how karma will appear is totally in our hands, because karma brings only such effects on us which we allow it to have by our momentary emanation. In the practical way, it means that karma will take the same form of a picture as we think, act and talk just right now - if we envy somebody, then we emit darkness, or if we wish only good things to somebody, then we emit light...

If man could change himself and then if he could start thinking, talking and doing only good deeds, even if he had the heaviest and darkest karma in the world, then it could not have any hard impact on him and karma could express itself only in a symbolic way, without any serious strike. Although it is easy to go about with very bad karma and clean it thereafter, in the practical way it requires making substantial innovations - to uproot the evil (which was the reason of that karma) from within inside. It is possible to do so, but not all of us can do these changes immediately. Therefore, it is essential to start with these innovations as soon as possible. Various bad habits and dependencies can make the man's aura even darker. Many people could avoid many hard knocks of life by eliminating things which make their emanations darker; like cigarettes, drugs, or even occasional inebriation; these are the things which preclude humans from making their emanations lighter. Every obscuration of aura creates obligation to purify it later; and achieving purification is not so painless as achieving obscuration. It is very essential to begin with the purification process as soon as possible, because most people face a huge quantity of karma effects that require to be undone; and this purification process will be even much harder in relation to the upcoming Judgment Light.

Every man participates in the creation process of karma, whether it is a personal karma, a group's karma or a nation's karma, because karma is not made only by actions but also by words and thoughts - nobody can live without the mind. And we always deal with thoughts that ripen to words and actions. Therefore, the most effective way how to create good karma is to be aware of our thoughts and reject all dark ideas immediately in their earliest beginning.

To conclude, it will be good to present a concrete case how karma can express itself in practice. The man who mutilated others by his negligence has a bad karma; for example, he walks through stacked materials in his workplace. He can clearly see a danger - all the material may collapse, but at the same moment he suddenly comes across an idea - I must clean up the mess or else some people may get killed here. At the same moment, he suddenly starts falling down, but... because he played with brilliant thoughts in his mind and his consciousness was pure, he thus reacts promptly and by slipping over the slippery material no harm is done to him - he not even hit himself. In the like manner, when he had searched for his way he decided for a better and less dangerous way that would not put him at risk of harming himself seriously.

Similarly in every second, our inner state influences every action we do. Everything is interrelated with everything and even things supposedly only little can create immeasurable consequences. However, we do not need to think about this, it is enough if we are going to act with love and with solid effort to sustain goodness; then - as the result - we will experience success in every good deed we made.

Do not forget: your destiny is in your own hands, and your karma unfolds from your thoughts you deal with right now in your mind - because everything what happens takes always place in the eternal presence.


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