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Origin of the human being

Origin of the human being

The human being consists of two aspects - of an immortal spirit and of a mortal body. The flesh comes like a gift of the mother Earth and the spirit of the father God. We dedicate excessively big attention to the first one, but nearly nothing to the latter one; and sometimes we even forget that it exists. However, there is a saying that a shirt is always closer to the body than a coat.

Our planet was developed within the process of evolution - step by step. Millions of suns originate in the nebula and disperse into the space. When we see them on the night sky, we call them the stars. On their long way across the space planets were created from the stardust around them, like around our Sun. Millions of years passed until life could be developed on our Earth. First, it was born in water; only then did it arise up on the surface and gradually populated it. Within many thousands of years, miscellaneous genera of animals were developed as well as several hundred thousands sorts of plants. By adaptation in various climatic conditions every area got its individual, non-repetitive look. This did not happen by itself - but everything, even the smallest flower, was created... by someone... And this work had lasted for ages.

When the perfect one among the animals - the Primate came to life during the "evolution" with a sufficiently perfect body, then it was time to furnish this body with a spirit - a human spirit. Man learned to handle it well and took care of it. The monkey's body got flatter by the human spirit's conduct and it became nicer - it transformed into a gentle shape. Thus, the first records of our human body appeared.

To explain the origin of the human spirit, we have to try to describe the Divine Creation at least in a metaphoric way. It's far greater than it is possible to imagine. The whole material universe is only a slight part of it on its border. The Creation has innumerable quantity of levels and the range between each of them is colossal. Perhaps we might compare it to a temperature change, if we could travel from Earth to the Sun. And every extra level containing the whole worlds is even more admirable; the God's emanation is even stronger. But God is much greater than His Creation. He is like a painter and His Creation is like a picture He made. But the painter is more then a picture. The Love emanating from Him creates and nourishes the whole Creation all the time. The divine beings were formed first with closest touch with the Creator. The divine emanation cools itself off by being more and more distant and it gives prospects for creation of other forms of beings, which could otherwise not exist in such strong vibrations. From the cooled emanation other and other divine beings are formed and the emanation gets even cooler again. Thus, other levels of beings originate, as well as the realms of angelical worlds. Each of those beings was created as a perfect and conscious entity. But the emanation is, even after multiple cooling periods, yet very strong and it still gives a possibility to produce another life. It is a niche of the human spirit's origin, which was not created as the awaken one, but to whom a possibility was given to achieve this. Each spiritual spark that wanted to achieve this awakeness received a spiritual body from the Creator and hence independent beings came to life. However, the spiritual spark contained the full knowledge and perfection, the being that had been created from it was unconscious, because it didn't live its own life, it didn't know anything about its primeval perfection.

In order to let human spirits come to the point of their consciousness - awakeness, they must descend down into the material world, which was created from the emanation of the Divine Creation. By going through every level, the human spirit puts on other bodies, which make it possible for it to stay in the new environment. In the present time, we are able to take a photo of the heaviest bodies. We call them astral bodies and their emanation is called aura. Depending on the situation that attracts the human spirit and what sorts of experience it wants, it chooses such parents that it deems best for its purpose. It happens in the middle of a pregnancy when the spirit enters into the material body. As a child - after the birth, it learns ways how to command the body and it gradually becomes familiar with the world around. When the child grows up, a spiritual strength opens up in him (or her) and he enjoys life in its fullness.

Having experienced various life situations in the material world, the spirit develops its knowledge and, in fact, recreates itself. It becomes what it learned through its experience. To make this possible, the oneness of the material world is separated into a duality of contradictions: pleasure - sorrow, happiness - misfortune, good - evil, warm - cold, a lot of - a little... For the total knowledge it is necessary to take a look at both these contradictions. How could we otherwise realise the feeling of success if we have never encountered a failure? Or how can we know what is nice if we have never met an ugly thing? The depth of our laughter shelters the innermost profundity of our biggest sorrow. Without it, our laughter has a low bottom. We encounter pain in order to learn to forgive; we encounter misery only to be thankful for moments of affluence... Thus, we are slowly able to feel and wake up the spirits in us.

The difference between the spirit and the body is similar to the difference between the player and a figure in a computer game, with which the player plays. The figure dies, but the player does not. On the contrary, the player's abilities expand by the knowledge he learns throughout the game. Our lives are similar to such a game. Everyday we pass through various such game „levels" - situations of various difficulties; the way we solve them contributes to our strength, or reduces it. The more „points" we obtain, the better is our ability to solve more difficult situations.

Whoever already has something, the more be given to him; and whoever does not have anything, even the little that he has will be taken away from him. If man will not recognise his spiritual source and will identify himself only with the material body and intellectual knowledge, if his desires will only cover the material level, he will forever stay attached to the material world. And unless he does not know anything about his spirit (of which he is actually formed), he remains spiritually blind and deaf, unable to return to lighter spheres. Even in case he graduated from three universities and is a reputable expert, it does not matter. The knowledge he learned will be lost with death of the body, because it is dependent on the material brain. Only those spheres will stay behind which human beings spiritually experienced and became aware of with their feelings.

Do not be like the one who went to study an expensive education only to obtain important knowledge and in cheap amusement forgot the reason why he had left and never returned home. Treasures of the whole world, too, cannot be compared with home of the human spirit. Please do not imagine the divine worlds to be too earthly like a heaven where there is nothing to do except sitting on a cloud and drink calyx of immortality and enjoy doing it with family and friends who came back to life. It would be absurd! Now we live in the three-dimensional world, which has its height, width and depth. The fourth dimension is time. In the world of higher levels the time does not exist and the past and the future exist simultaneously in the presence. In the world of even much higher levels neither the time nor space do exist, although they are latently present in the whole omnipresent oneness. The origin of human spirit belongs, however, to even higher levels, but it is not easy to profoundly describe this by our human language. It's impossible. And each higher level is far more perfect than any lower one and it has an incomparable quality of higher sorts.

If these words say nothing to you, you will surely understand them when we explain the difference among dimensions on lower levels. Let us compare our three-dimensional world with the two-dimensional one, which has only the height and width. It is like a picture with one area only. You can explain anything to a figure of man drawn in this two-dimensional world - it will never understand you. Likewise, our three-dimensional human brain cannot comprehend a more dimensional divine world of the spirit. That can be only done if it is perceived by the spirit, which is a more natural way to do for human beings, although they probably forgot it. So let's recognise the fact that our rational limitations are tight; let's get rid of all those naive ideas and let's live awaken like spirits and let's remember - we are the spirits!


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