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Nostradamus Centuries:
Century 9

Nostradamus Centuries:<br />Century 9

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 1

Dans la maison du traducteur de Bourc,

Seront les lettres trouuees sur la table,

Borgne, roux, blanc, chanu tiendra de cours,

Qui changera au nouueau Connestable.

In the house of the translator of Bourg,

The letters will be found on the table,

One-eyed, red-haired, white, hoary-headed will hold the course,

Which will change for the new Constable.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 2

Du haut du mont Auentin voix ouye,

Vuydez vuydez de tous les deux costez:

Du sang des rouges sera l'ire assomye,

D'Arimin Prato, Columna debotez.

From the top of the Aventine hill a voice heard,

Be gone, be gone all of you on both sides:

The anger will be appeased by the blood of the red ones,

From Rimini and Prato, the Colonna expelled.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 3

La magna vaqua Rauenne grand trouble,

Conduicts par quinze enserrez Fornase:

A Rome naistra deux monstres testes double

Sang, feu, deluge, les plus grands l'espase.

The "great cow" at Racenna in great trouble,

Led by fifteen shut up at Fornase:

At Rome there will be born two double-headed monsters,

Blood, fire, flood, the greatest ones in space.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 4

L'an ensuyuant dcouuerts par deluge,

Deux chefs esleuz, le premier ne tiendra

De fuyr ombre l'vn d'eux le refuge,

Saccagee case qui premier maintiendra.

The following year discoveries through flood,

Two chiefs elected, the first one will not hold:

The refuge for the one of them fleeing a shadow,

The house of which will maintain the first une plundered.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 5

Tiers doigt du pied au premier semblera

A vn nouveau monarque de bas haut,

Qui Pyse & Luques Tyran occupera

Du precedent corriger le deffaut.

The third toe will seem first

To a new monarch from low high,

He who will possess himself as a Tyrant of Pisa and Lucca,

To correct the fault of his predecessor.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 6

Par la Guyenne infinit d'Anglois

Occuperont par nom d'Anglaquitaine,

Du Languedoc Ispalme Bourdeloys,

Qu'ils nommeront apres Barboxitaine.

An infinity of Englishmen in Guienne

Will settle under the name of Anglaquitaine:

In Languedoc, "Ispalme," Bordelais,

Which they will name after "Barboxitaine."

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 7

Qui ouurira le monument trouu,

Et ne viendra le serrer promptement,

Mal luy viendra, & ne pourra prouu

Si mieux doit estre Roy Breton ou Normand.

He who will open the tomb found,

And will come to close it promptly,

Evil will come to him, and one will be unable to prove,

If it would be better to be a Breton or Norman King.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 8

Puisnay Roy fait son pere mettre mort,

Apres conflict de mort tres-inhonneste:

Escrit trouu, soupon donna remort,

Quand loup chass pose sur la couchette.

The younger son made King will put his father to death,

After the conflict very dishonest death:

Inscription found, suspicion will bring remorse,

When the wolf driven out lies down on the bedstead.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 9

Quand lampe ardente de feu inextinguible

Sera trouu au temple des Vestales.

Enfant trouu feu, eau passant par crible:

Perir eau Nymes, Tholose cheoir les halles.

When the lamp burning with inextinguishable fire

Will be found in the temple of the Vestals:

Child found in fire, water passing through the sieve:

To peish in water Nmes, Toulouse the markets to fall.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 10

Moyne moynesse d'enfant mort expos,

Mourir par ourse, & rauy par verrier,

Par Fois & Pamyes le camp sera pos

Contre Tholose Carcas dresser forrier.

The child of a monk and nun exposed to death,

To die through a she-bear, and carried off by a boar,

The army will be camped by Foix and Pamiers,

Against Toulouse Carcassonne the harbinger to form.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 11

Le iuste mort tort mort l'on viendra mettre

Publiquement du lieu esteint:

Si grande peste en ce lieu viendra naistre,

Que les iugeans fuyr seront contraints.

Wrongly will they come to put the just one to death,

In public and in the middle extinguished:

So great a pestilence will come to arise in this place,

That the judges will be forced to flee.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 12

Le tant d'argent de Diane & Mercure,

Les simulachres au lac seront trouuez:

Le figurier cherchant argille neuue

Lui & les siens d'or seront abbreuuez.

So much silver of Diana and Mercury,

The images will be found in the lake:

The sculptor looking for new clay,

He and his followers will be steeped in gold.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 13

Les exilez autour de la Soulongne

Conduits de nuict pour marcher en Lauxois,

Deux de Modenne truculent de Bolongne,

Mis decouuerts par feu de Buranois.

The exiles around Sologne,

Led by night to march into Auxois,

Two of Modena for Boulogne cruel,

Place discovered by the fire of Buzanais.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 14

Mis en planure chauderons d'infecteurs,

Vin, miel & huyle & bastis sur fourneauxs

Seront plongez, sans mal dit malfacteurs

Sept fum extaint au canon des bordeaux.

Dyers' caldrons put on the flat surface,

Wine, honey and oil, and built-over furnaces:

They will be immersed, innocent, pronounced malefactors,

Seven of Borneaux smoke still in the cannon.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 15

Pres de Parpan les rouges detenus,

Ceux du milieu parfondres menez loing:

Trois mis en pieces, & cinq mal soustenus,

Pour le Seigneur & Prelat de Bourgoing.

Near Perpignan the red ones detained,

Those of the middle completely ruined led far off:

Three cut in pieces, and five badly supported,

For the Lord and Prelate of Burgundy.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 16

De castel Franco sortira l'assemblee,

L'ambassadeur non plaisant fera scisme:

Ceux de Ribiere seront en la meslee,

Et au grand goulfre desnie ont l'entree.

Out of Castelfranco will come the assembly,

The ambassador not agreeable will cause a schism:

Those of Riviera will be in the squabble,

And they will refuse entry to the great gulf.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 17

Le tiers premier pis que ne fit Neron,

Vuidez vaillant que sang humain respandre:

Rdifier fera le forneron,

Siecle d'or mort, nouueau Roy grd esclandre.

The third one first does worse than Nero,

How much human blood to flow, valiant, be gone:

He will cause the furnace to be rebuilt,

Golden Age dead, new King great scandal.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 18

Le lys Dauffois portera dans Nansi,

Iusques en Flandres electeur de l'Empire

Neufue obturee au grand Montmorency,

Hors lieux prouuez deliure clere peine.

The lily of the Dauphin will reach into Nancy,

As far as Flanders the Elector of the Empire:

New confinement for the great Montmorency,

Outside proven places delivered to celebrated punishment.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 19

Dans le milieu de la forest Mayenne,

Sol au Lyon la fouldre tombera:

Le grand bastard yssu du grand du Maine,

Ce iour fougeres pointe en sang entrera.

In the middle of the forest of Mayenne,

Lightning will fall, the Sun in Leo:

The great bastard issued from the great one Maine,

On this day a point will enter the blood of Fougres.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 20

De nuict viendra par la forest de Reines,

Deux pars vaultorte Hene la pierre blanche.

Le moyne noir en gris dedans Varennes,

Esleu cap cause tempeste, feu sang tranche.

By night will come through the forest of "Reines,"

Two couples roundabout route Queen the white stone,

The monk king in gray in Varennes:

Elected Capet causes tempest, fire, blood, slice.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 21

Au temple haut de Bloys sacre Salonne,

Nuict pont de Loyre Prelat, Roy pernicant:

Curseur victoire aux marests de la lone,

D'o prelature de blancs abormeant.

At the tall temple of Saint-Solenne at Blois,

Night Loire bridge, Prelate, King killing outright:

Crushing victory in the marshes of the pond,

Whence prelacy of whites miscarrying.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 22

Roy & sa cour au lieu de langue halbe,

Dedans le temple vis a vis du palais:

Dans le iardin Duc de Mantor & d'Albe,

Albe & Mantor poignard langue & palais.

The King and his court in the place of cunning tongue,

Within the temple facing the palace:

In the garden the Duke of Mantue and Alba,

Alba and Mantua dagger tongue and palace.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 23

Puisnay ioant au fresch dessoubs la tonne,

Le haut du toict du milieu sur la teste,

Le pere Roy au temple saint Salonne,

Sacrifiant sacrera fum de feste.

The younger son playing outdoors under the arbor,

The top of the roof in the middle on his head,

The father King in the temple of Saint-Solonne,

Sacrificing he will consecrate festival smoke.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 24

Sur le palais au rochier des fenestres,

Seront rauis les deux petits royaux:

Passer aurelle Luthece, Denis cloistres,

Nonnain, Mallods aualler vers noyaux.

Upon the palace at the balcony of the windows,

The two little royal ones will be carried off:

To pass Orlans, Paris, abbey of Saint-Denis,

Nun, wicked ones to swallow green pits.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 25

Passant les ponts venir pres de rosiers,

Tard arriu plustost qu'il cuidera,

Viendront les noues Espagnols Besiers,

Qu'icelle chasse emprinse cassera.

Crossing the bridges to come near the Roisiers,

Sooner than he thought, he arrived late.

The new Spaniards will come to Bziers,

So that this chase will break the enterprise.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 26

Nice sortie sur nom des lettres aspres,

La grande cappe fera present non sien:

Proche de vultry aux murs de vertes capres,

Apres plombin le vent bon essien.

Departed by the bitter letters the surname of Nice,

The great Cappe will present something, not his own;

Near Voltai at the wall of the green columns,

After Piombino the wind in good earnest.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 27

De bois la garde, vent clos ronds pont sera,

Haut le receu frappera le Dauphin,

Le vieux teccon bois vnis passera,

Passant plus outre du Duc le droit confin.

The forester, the wind will be close around the bridge,

Received highly, he will strike the Dauphin.

The old craftsman will pass through the woods in a company,

Going far beyond the right borders of the Duke.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 28

Voile Symacle port Massiliolique,

Dans Venise port marcher aux Pannons:

Partir du goufre & sinus Illirique,

Vast Socile, Ligurs coups de canons.

The Allied fleet from the port of Marseilles,

In Venice harbour to march against Hungary.

To leave from the gulf and the bay of Illyria,

Devastation in Sicily, for the Ligurians, cannon shot.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 29

Lors que celuy qu' nul ne donne lieu,

Abandonner voudra lieu prins non prins:

Feu neuf par saignes, bieument Charlieu,

Seront Quintin Balez reprins.

When the man will give way to none,

Will wish to abandon a place taken, yet not taken;

Ship afire through the swamps, bitumen at Charlieu,

St. Quintin and Calais will be recaptured.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 30

Au port de Puola & de sainct Nicolas,

Perir Normande au goufre Phanatique,

Cap de Bisance rues crier helas,

Secours de Gaddes & du grand Philippique.

At the port of Pola and of San Nicolo,

A Normand will punish in the Gulf of Quarnero:

Capet to cry alas in the streets of Byzantium,

Help from Cadiz and the great Philip.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 31

Le tremblement de terre Morrura,

Caffich sainct George demy perfondrez:

Paix assoupie la guerre esueillera,

Dans temple Pasques abysmes enfondrez.

The trembling of the earth at Mortara

The tin island of St. George half sunk;

Drowsy with peace, war will arise,

At Easter in the temple abysses opened.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 32

De fin porphire profond collon trouuee

Dessouz la laze escripts capitolin:

Os poil retors Romain force prouuee,

Classe agiter au port de Methelin.

A deep column of fine porphyry is found,

Inscriptions of the Capitol under the base;

Bones, twisted hair, the Roman strength tried,

The fleet is stirred at the harbour of Mitylene.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 33

Hercules Roy de Rome & d'Annemarc,

De Gaule trois Guion surnomm,

Trembler l'Italie & l'vnde de sainct Marc,

Premier sur tous monarque renomm.

Hercules King of Rome and of "Annemark,"

With the surname of the chief of triple Gaul,

Italy and the one of St. Mark to tremble,

First monarch renowned above all.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 34

Le part soluz mary sera mitr,

Retour conflict passera sur le thuille:

Par cinq cens vn trahyr sera tiltr

Narbon & Saulce par couteaux auons d'huille.

The single part afflicted will be mitred,

Return conflict to pass over the tile:

For five hundred one to betray will be titled

Narbonne and Salces we have oil for knives.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 35

Et Ferdinand blonde sera deserte,

Quitter la fleur, suiure le Macedon,

Au grand besoin de faillira sa routte,

Et marchera contre le Myrmidon.

And fair Ferdinand will be detached,

To abandon the flower, to follow the Macedonian:

In the great pinch his course will fail,

And he will march against the Myrmidons.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 36

Vn grd Roy prins entre les mains d'vn loyne,

Non loin de Pasque confusion coup cultre:

Perpet, captifs foudre en la husne,

Lors que trois freres se blesseront & murtre.

A great King taken by the hands of a young man,

Not far from Easter confusion knife thrust:

Everlasting captive times what lightning on the top,

When three brothers will wound each other and murder.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 37

Pont & moulins en Decembre versez,

En si haut lieu montera la Garonne:

Meurs, edifices, Tolose renuersez,

Qu'on ne saura son lieu autant matronne.

Bridge and mills overturned in December,

The Garonne will rise to a very high place:

Walls, edifices, Toulouse overturned,

So that none will know his place like a matron.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 38

L'entree de Blaye par Rochelle & l'Anglois,

Passera outre le grand Aemathien:

Non loin d'Agen attendra le Gaulois,

Secours Narbonne deceu par entretien.

The entry at Blaye for La Rochelle and the English,

The great Macedonian will pass beyond:

Not far from Agen will wait the Gaul,

Narbonne help beguiled through conversation.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 39

En Arbissel Veront & Carcari,

De nuict conduits par Sauonne attraper,

Le vifs Gascon Turby, & la Scerry:

Derrier mur vieux & neuf palais gripper.

In Albisola to "Veront" and Carcara,

Led by night to seize Savona:

The guick Gascon La Turbie and L'Escarne:

Behind the wall old and new palace to seize.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 40

Pres de Quintin dons la forest bourlis,

Dans l'Abaye seront Flamens ranchs:

Les deux puisnais de coups my estourdis,

Suitte oppressee & garde tous achs.

Near Saint-Quintin in the forest deceived,

In the Abbey the Flemish will be cut up:

The two younger sons half-stunned by blows,

The rest crushed and the guard all cut to pieces.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 41

Le grand Chyren soy saisir d'Auignon,

De Rome lettres en miel plein d'amertu

Lettre ambassade partir de Chanignon,

Carpentras pris par duc noir rouge plum

The great "Chyren" will seize Avignon,

From Rome letters in honey full of bitterness:

Letter and embassy to leave from "Chanignon,"

Carpentras taken by a black duke with a red feather.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 42

De Barcellonne, de Gennes & Venise

De la Secille peste Monet vnis:

Contre Barbare classe prendront la vise,

Barbar pouss bien loing iusqu' Thunis.

From Barcelona, from Genoa and Venice,

From Sicily pestilence Monaco joined:

They will take their aim against the Barbarian fleet,

Barbarian driven 'way back as far as Tunis.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 43

Proche descendre l'armee Crucigere,

Sera guettee par les Ismalites,

De tous costez batus par nef Rauiere,

Prompt assaillis de dix galeres eslites.

On the point of landing the Crusader army

Will be ambushed by the Ishmaelites,

Struck from all sides by the ship Impetuosity,

Rapidly attacked by ten elite galleys.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 44

Migrs, migrs de Geneue trestous.

Saturne d'or en fer se changera,

Le contre FAYPOZ exterminera tous,

Auant l'aduent le ciel signes fera.

Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you,

Saturn will be converted from gold to iron,

"Raypoz" will exterminate all who oppose him,

Before the coming the sky will show signs.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 45

Ne sera soul iamais de demander,

Grand Mendosus obtiendra son empire:

Loing de la cour fera contremander

Pymond, Picard, Paris Tyrron le pire.

None will remain to ask,

Great "Mendosus" will obtain his dominion:

Far from the court he will cause to be countermanded

Piedmont, Picardy, Paris, Tuscany the worst.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 46

Vuydez fuyez de Tolose les ronges,

Du sacrifice faire piation.

Le chef du mal dessous l'ombre des courges:

Mort estrangler carne omination.

Be gone, flee from Toulouse ye red ones,

For the sacrifice to make expiation:

The chief cause of the evil under the shade of pumpkins:

Dead to strangle carnal prognostication.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 47

Les soubz signez d'indigne deliurance,

Et de la multe auront contre aduis:

Change monarque mis en perille pence,

Serrez en cage le verront vis vis.

The undersigned to an infamous deliverance,

And having contrary advice from the multitude:

Monarch changes put in danger over thought,

Shut up in a cage they will see each other face to face.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 48

La grand cit d'Occean maritime,

Enuironnee de marets en cristal:

Dans le solstice hyemal & la prime,

Sera tentee de vent espouuantal.

The great city of the maritime Ocean,

Surrounded by a crystalline swamp:

In the winter solstice and the spring,

It will be tried by frightful wind.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 49

Gand & Bruceles marcheront contre Anuers,

Senat de Londres mettront mort leur Roy:

Le sel & vin luy seront l'enuers,

Pour eux auoir le regne en desarroy.

Ghent and Brussels will march against Antwerp,

The Senate of London will put to death their King:

Salt and wine will overthrow him,

To have them the realm turned upside down.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 50

Mandosus tost viendra son haut regne,

Mettant arriere vn peu les Norlaris:

Le rouge blesme, le masle a l'interregne,

Le ieune crainte & frayeur Barbaris.

Mendosus will soon come to his high realm,

Putting behind a little the Lorrainers:

The pale red one, the male in the interregnum,

The fearful youth and Barbaric terror.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 51

Contre les rouges sectes se banderont,

Feu, eau, fer, corde par paix se minera:

An point mourir ceux qui machineront,

Fors vn que monde sur tout ruinera.

Against the red ones sects will conspire,

Fire, water, steel, rope through peace will weaken:

On the point of dying those who will plot,

Except one who above all the world will ruin.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 52

La paix s'approche d'vn cost, & la guerre,

Oncques ne fut la poursuitte si grande:

Plaindre hme, femme sang innocent par terre,

Et ce sera de France a toute bande.

Peace is nigh on one side, and war,

Never was the pursuit of it so great:

To bemoan men, women innocent blood on the land,

And this will be throughout all France.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 53

Le Neron ieune dans le trois cheminees,

Fera de paiges vifs pour ardoir ietter:

Heureux qui loing sera de tels menees,

Trois de son sang le feront mort guetter.

The young Nero in the three chimneys

Will cause live pages to be thrown to burn:

Happy those who will be far away from such practices,

Three of his blood will have him ambushed to death.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 54

Arriuera au port de Corsibonne,

Pres de Rauenne, qui pillera la dame:

En mer profonde legat de la Vlisbonne,

Sous roc cachez rauiront septante ames.

There will arrive at Porto Corsini,

Near Ravenna, he who will plunder the lady:

In the deep sea legate from Lisbon,

Hidden under a rock they will carry off seventy souls.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 55

L'horrible guerre qu'en l'Occident s'appreste,

L'an ensuiuant viendra la pestilence

Si fort l'horrible que ieune, vieux, ne beste,

Sang, feu. Mercure, Mars, Iupiter en France.

The horrible war which is being prepared in the West,

The following year will come the pestilence

So very horrible that young, old, nor beast,

Blood, fire Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 56

Cam pres de Noudam passera Goussan ville,

Et Maiotes laissera son enseigne:

Conuertira en instant plus de mille,

Chercht les deux remettre en chaine & legne.

The army near Houdan will pass Goussainville,

And at "Maiotes" it will leave its mark:

In an instant more than a thousand will be converted,

Looking for the two to put them back in chain and firewood.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 57

Au lieu de DRVX vn Roy reposera,

Et cherchera loy changeant d'Anatheme:

Pendant le ciel si tresfort tonnera,

Portera neufue Roy tuera soy mesme.

In the place of "Drux" a King will rest,

And will look for a law changing Anathema:

While the sky will thunder so very loudly,

New entry the King will kill himself.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 58

Au cost gauche l'endroit de Vitry,

Seront guettez les trois rouges, de France:

Tous assommez rouge, noir non meurdry,

Par les Bretons remis en asseurance.

On the left side at the spot of Vitry,

The three red ones of France will be awaited:

All felled red, black one not murdered,

By the Bretons restored to safety.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 59

A la Fert prendra la Vidame,

Nicol tenu rouge qu'auoit produit la vie:

La grand Loyse naistra que fera clame,

Donnant Bourgongne Bretons par enuie.

At La Fert-Vidame he will seize,

Nicholas held red who had produced his life:

The great Louise who will act secretly one will be born,

Giving Burgundy to the Bretons through envy.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 60

Conflict Barbar en la Cornette noire,

Sang espandu, trembler la Dalmatie:

Grand Ismael mettra son promontoire,

Ranes trembler secours Lusitanie.

Conflict Barbarian in the black Headdress,

Blood shed, Dalmatia to tremble:

Great Ishmael will set up his promontory,

Frogs to tremble Lusitania aid.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 61

La pille faicte la coste marine,

In cita noua & parens amenez.

Plusieurs de Malte par le fait de Messine,

Estroit serrez seront mal guerdonnez.

The plunder made upon the marine coast,

In Cittanova and relatives brought forward:

Several of Malta through the deed of Messina

Will be closely confined poorly rewarded.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 62

Au grand de Chera mon agora,

Seront croisez par ranc tous attachez,

Le pertinax Oppi, & Mandragora,

Raugon d'Octobre le tiers seront laschez.

To the great one of Ceramon-agora,

The crusaders will all be attached by rank,

The long-lasting Opium and Mandrake,

The "Raugon" will be released on the third of October.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 63

Plainctes & pleurs cris, & grands hurlemens

Pres de Narbon a Bayonne & en Foix,

O quels horribles calamitez changemens,

Auant que Mars reuolu quelquefois.

Complaints and tears, cries and great howls,

Near Narbonne at Bayonne and in Foix:

Oh, what horrible calamities and changes,

Before Mars has made several revolutions.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 64

L'Aemathion passer monts Pyrennees,

En Mas Narbon ne fera resistance,

Par mer & terre fera si grand menee,

Cap. n'ayant terre seure pour demeurance.

The Macedonian to pass the Pyrenees mountains,

In March Narbonne will not offer resistance:

By land and sea he will carry on very great intrigue,

Capetian having no land safe for residence.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 65

Dedans le coing de Luna viendra rendre

O sera prins & mis en terre estrange.

Les fruicts immeurs seront grand esclandre,

Grand vitupere, l'vn grande loange.

He will come to go into the corner of "Luna,"

Where he will be captured and put in a strange land:

The unripe fruits will be the subject of great scandal,

Great blame, to one great praise.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 66

Paix, vnion sera & changement,

Estats, offices bas haut & haut bien bas

Dresser voyage, le fruict premier tourment,

Guerre cesser, ciuil proces debats.

There will be peace, union and change,

Estates, offices, low high and high very low:

To prepare a trip, the first offspring torment,

War to cease, civil process, debates.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 67

Du haut des monts l'entour de Lizere

Port la roche Valent cent assemblez

De Chasteauneuf Pierre late en donzere,

Contre le Crest Romans foy assemblez.

From the height of the mountains around the Isre,

One hundred assembled at the haven in the rock Valence:

From Chteauneuf, Pierrelatte, in Donzre,

Against Crest, Romans, faith assembled.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 68

Du mont Aymar sera noble obscurcie,

Le mal viendra au ioinct de Saone & Rosne:

Dans bois cachez soldats iour de Lucie

Qui ne fut onc vn si horrible throsne.

The noble of "Mount Aymar" will be made obscure,

The evil will come at the junction of the Saone and Rhone:

Soldiers hidden in the woods on Lucy's day,

Never was there so horrible a throne.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 69

Sur le mont de Bailly & la Bresle

Seront cachez de Grenoble les fiers

Outre Lyon, Vien eux si grand gresle.

Langoult en terre n'en restera vn tiers.

One the mountain of Sain-Bel and L'Arbresle

The proud one of Grenoble will be hidden:

Beyond Lyons and Vienne on them a very great hail,

Lobster on the land not a third thereof will remain.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 70

Harnois trenchans dans les flambeaux cachez,

Dedans Lyon, le iour du Sacrement,

Ceux de Vienne seront trestous hachez,

Par les cantons Latins Mascon ne ment.

Sharp weapons hidden in the torches.

In Lyons, the day of the Sacrament,

Those of Vienne will all be cut to pieces,

By the Latin Cantons Mascon does not lie.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 71

Aux lieux sacrez animaux veu trixe,

Auec celuy qui n'osera le iour.

A Carcassonne pour disgrace propice,

Sera pos pour plus amule seiour.

At the holy places animals seen with hair,

With him who will not dare the day:

At Carcassonne propitious for disgrace,

He will be set for a more ample stay.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 72

Encor seront les saincts temples pollus,

Et expillez par Senat Tholosain,

Saturne deux trois cicles reuollus.

Dans Auril, May, gens de nouueau leuain.

Again will the holy temples be polluted,

And plundered by the Senate of Toulouse:

Saturn two three cycles completed,

In April, May, people of new leaven.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 73

Dans Fois entrez Roy ceiulee Turban:

Et regnera moins euolu Saturne,

Roy Turban blanc Bizance coeur ban,

Sol, Mars, Mercure pres la hurne.

The Blue Turban King entered into Foix,

And he will reign less than an evolution of Saturn:

The White Turban King Byzantium heart banished,

Sun, Mars and Mercury near Aquarius.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 74

Dans la cit de Fertsod homicide,

Fait, & fait multe beuf arant ne macter,

Retours encores aux honneurs d'Artemide

Et Vulcan corps morts sepulturer.

In the city of "Fertsod" homicide,

Deed, and deed many oxen plowing no sacrifice:

Return again to the honors of Artemis,

And to Vulcan bodies dead ones to bury.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 75

De l'Ambraxie & du pays de Thrace

Peuple par mer, mal, & secours Gaulois,

Perpetuelle en prouence la trace,

Auec vestige de leurs coustume & loix.

From Ambracia and the country of Thrace

People by sea, evil and help from the Gauls:

In Provence the perpetual trace,

With vertiges of their custom and laws.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 76

Auec le noir Rapax & sanguinaire,

Yssu du peaultre de l'inhumain Neron,

Emmy deux fleuues main gauche militaire,

Sera meurtry par Ioyne chaulueron.

With the rapacious and blood-thirsty king,

Issued from the pallet of the inhuman Nero:

Between two rivers military hand left,

He will be murdered by Yound Baldy.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 77

Le regne prins le Roy coniurera

La dame prinse mort iurez sort,

La vie Royne fils on desniera,

Et la pellix au fort de la consort.

The realm taken the King will conspire,

The lady taken to death ones sworn by lot:

They will refuse life to the Queen and son,

And the mistress at the fort of the wife.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 78

La dame Grecque de beaut laydique,

Heureuse faicte de procs innumerable,

Hors translatee en regne Hispanique,

Captiue prinse mourir mort miserable.

The Greek lady of ugly beauty,

Made happy by countless suitors:

Transferred out to the Spanish realm,

Taken captive to die a miserable death.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 79

Le chef de classe par fraude stratageme,

Fera timides sortir de leurs galees,

Sortis meurtris chefs renieux de cresme,

Puis par l'embusche luy rendront le saleres.

The chief of the fleet through deceit and trickery

Will make the timid ones come out of their galleys:

Come out, murdered, the chief renouncer of chrism,

Then through ambush they will pay him his wages.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 80

Le Duc voudra les siens exterminer,

Enuoyera les plus forts lieux estranges:

Par tyrannie Bize & Luc ruiner,

Puy les Barbares sans vin feront vendanges.

The Duke will want to exterminate his followers,

He will send the strongest ones to strange places:

Through tyranny to ruin Pisa and Lucca,

Then the Barbarians will gather the grapes without vine.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 81

Le Roy rus entendra ses embusches,

De trois quartiers ennemis assaillir:

Vn nombre estrange larmes de coqueluches,

Viendra Lemprin du traducteur faillir.

The crafty King will understand his snares,

Enemies to assail from three sides:

A strange number tears from hoods,

The grandeur of the translator will come to fail.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 82

Par le deluge & pestilence forte,

La cit grande de long temps assiegee:

La sentinelle & garde de main morte,

Subite prinse, mais de nulle outragee.

By the flood and fierce pestilence,

The great city for long besieged:

The sentry and guard dead by hand,

Sudden capture but none wronged.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 83

Sol vingt de Taurus si fort de terre trembler,

Le grand theatre remply ruinera:

L'air, ciel & terre obscurcir & troubler,

Lors l'infidelle Dieu & saincts voguera.

Sun twentieth of Taurus the earth will tremble very mightily,

It will ruin the great theater filled:

To darken and trouble air, sky and land,

Then the infidel will call upon God and saints.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 84

Roy expos parfera l'hecatombe,

Apres auoir trouu son origine:

Torrent ouurir de marbre & plomb la tombe,

D'vn grand Romain d'enseigne Medusine.

The King exposed will complete the slaughter,

After having discovered his origin:

Torrent to open the tomb of marble and lead,

Of a great Roman with "Medusine" device.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 85

Passer Guienne, Languedoc & le Rosne,

D'Agen tenan de Marmande & la Roolle:

D'ouurir par foy parroy, Phoc tidra s trosne

Conflict aupres saint Pol de Mauseole.

To pass Guienne, Languedoc and the Rhone,

From Agen holding Marmande and La Role:

To open through faith the wall, Marseilles will hold its throne,

Conflict near Saint-Paul-de-Mausole.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 86

Du bourg Lareyne paruidrt droit Chartres,

Et feront pres du pont Amhoni pause

Sept pour la paix cauteleux comme Martres,

Feront entree d'armee Paris clause.

From Bourg-la-Reine they will come straight to Chartres,

And near Pont d'Antony they will pause:

Seven crafty as Martens for peace,

Paris closed by an army they will enter.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 87

Par la forest du Touphon essartee,

Par hermitage sera pos le temple,

Le Duc d'Estampes par sa ruse inuentee.

Du mont Lehori prelat donra exemple.

In the forest cleared of the Tuft,

By the hermitage will be placed the temple:

The Duke of Tampes through the ruse he invented

Will teach a lesson to the prelate of Mont Lehori.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 88

Calais Arras, secours Theroanne,

Paix & semblant simulera l'escoutte,

Soulde d'Alobrox descendre par Roane.

Destornay peuple qui defera la routte.

Calais, Arras, help to Throuanne,

Peace and semblance the spy will simulate:

The soldiery of Savoy to descend by Roanne,

People who would end the rout deterred.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 89

Sept ans sera Philipp. fortune prospere.

Rabaissera des Arabes l'effort,

Puis son midy perplex rebors affaire,

Ieune ognion abismera son fort.

For seven years fortune will favor Philip,

He will beat down again the exertions of the Arabs:

Then at his noon perplexing contrary affair,

Young Ogmios will destroy his stronghold.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 90

Vn capitaine de la Grand Germanie

Se viendra rendre par simul secours

Au Roy des Roys aide de Pannoie,

Que sa reuolte fera de sang grand cours.

A captain of Great Germany

Will come to deliver through false help

To the King of Kings the support of Pannonia,

So that his revolt will cause a great flow of blood.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 91

L'horrible peste Perynt & Nicopollo,

Le Chersonnez tiendra & Marceloyne,

La Thessalie vastera l'Amphipolle,

Mal incogneu, & le refus d'Anthoine.

The horrible plague Perinthus and Nicopolis,

The Peninsula and Macedonia will it fall upon:

It will devastate Thessaly and Amphipolis,

An unknown evil, and from Anthony refusal.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 92

Le Roy voudra en cit neufue entrer,

Par ennemis expugner l'on viendra

Captif libere faux dire & perpetrer,

Roy dehors estre, loin d'ennemis tiendra.

The King will want to enter the new city,

Through its enemies they will come to subdue it:

Captive free falsely to speak and act,

King to be outside, he will keep far from the enemy.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 93

Les ennemis du fort bien esloignez,

Par chariots conduict le bastion.

Par sur les murs de Bourges esgrongnez

Quand Hercules bastira l'Haemathion.

The enemies very far from the fort,

The bastion brought by wagons:

Above the walls of Bourges crumbled,

When Hercules the Macedonian will strike.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 94

Foibles galeres seront vnies ensemble,

Ennemis faux le plus fort en rampart:

Foibles assaillies Vratislaue tremble,

Lubecq & Mysne tiendront barbare part.

Weak galleys will be joined together,

False enemies the strongest on the rampart:

Weak ones assailed Bratislava trembles,

Lubeck and Meissen will take the barbarian side.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 95

Le nouueau faict conduira l'exercice,

Proche apam iusqu'aupres du riuage:

Tendant secours de Millannoile eslite,

Duc yeux priu Milanfer de cage.

The newly made one will lead the army,

Almost cut off up to near the bank:

Help from the Milanais elite straining,

The Duke deprived of his eyes in Milan in an iron cage.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 96

Dans cit entrer exercit desniee,

Duc entrera par persuasion,

Aux foibles portes clam armee amenee,

Mettront feu, mort, de sang effusion.

The army denied entry to the city,

The Duke will enter through persuasion:

The army led secretly to the weak gates,

They will put it to fire and sword, effusion of blood.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 97

De mer copies en trois pars diuisee,

A la seconde les viures failleront,

Desesperez cherchant champs Helisees,

Premiers en breche entrez victoire auront.

The forces of the sea divided into three parts,

The second one will run out of supplies,

In despair looking for the Elysian Fields,

The first ones to enter the breach will obtain the victory.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 98

Les affigez par faute d'vn seul taint,

Contremenant partie opposite,

Aux Lygonnois mandera que contraint

Seront de rendre le grand chef de Molite.

Those afflicted through the fault of a single one stained,

The transgressor in the opposite party:

He will send word to those of Lyons that compelled

They be to deliver the great chief of "Molite."

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 99

Vent Aquilon fera partir le siege,

Par meurs ietter cendres, chauls, & poussiere:

Par pluye apres, qui leur fera bien pege,

Dernier secours encontre leur frontiere.

The "Aquilon" Wind will cause the siege to be raised,

Over the walls to throw ashes, lime and dust:

Through rain afterwards, which will do them much worse,

Last help against their frontier.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 9, 100

Naualle pugne nuit sera superee.

Le feu aux naues l'Occident ruine:

Rubriche neufue, la grand nef coloree,

Ire vaincu, & victoire en bruine.

Naval battle night will be overcome,

Fire in the ships to the West ruin:

New trick, the great ship colored,

Anger to the vanquished, and victory in a drizzle.

Centuries by Michel Nostradamus


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