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Nostradamus and his prophecies still motivate general public attention and although history proved truthfulness of most of the prophecies written by Nostradamus, not all the prophecies are clear. Many readers consider that the interpretations of Nostradamus’ prophecies which are in the great range of books of the authors who tried to interpret his prophesies were really written by Nostradamus. But it is not like that.

Nostradamus wrote prophecies in short quatrains in groups of one hundred or in sixains. Together he wrote more then one thousand verses. Even if out of all these prophecies only a few came true, then Nostradamus’ prophecies could be a proof also for the biggest skeptics, that time and matter how we perceive them commonly by physical senses are not the only reality of our being. By studying his prophecies, even the biggest materialist could be convinced that Nostradamus really foresaw future and he had to acknowledge that theory on the existence of the material world without acknowledging his spiritual base is shallow and insufficient.

The reason why Nostradamus’ prophecies are not easy to interpret is the fact that Nostradamus had coded the messages and had used various comparisons and immutable details of events, which confirmed his prophecies when they came true. Maybe he wanted to protect people from relying primary only on his prophecies. In every case, this coding protected him from inquisition that fortunately didn’t understand rhymed quatrains. This was probably another reason why Nostradamus used secret language for saving the prophecies.

Nostradamus was not only a famous prophet, but also an outstanding physician, who saw in the sicknesses deeper coherence and showed the influence of the spirit on health. A lot he learned already in his childhood from his grandfather who had initiated him into the secrets of mathematics, astrology, but who had also taught him the might of herbs, which power Nostradamus used later for healing.

When plague erupted in the country, Nostradamus as a physician saved lives of thousands of people. He invented simple antiseptic procedures and combined them with herbal treatment. Nostradamus cured plague mainly by hygiene, instructions on cleaning habits, ventilation and he refused widely practiced controlled bleeding or applying leeches. Nostradamus, unlike other physicians, was not running away from plague, but he traveled across the country and was helping the people. But he could not save his wife and children from death. This tragic experience changed him and made him spiritually more mature.

Nostradamus made his first known prophecy in the year of 1538 (Nostradamus was born in the year 1503), when he met a monk with a herd of pigs and addressed him as "His Holiness". Monk Pereti Felice addressed by Nostradamus, at that time a country boy who had recently joined the order, became the pope named Sixtus V., a half century later.

The first collection of prophecies published by Nostradamus in the year 1555 was of great public interest even though it was often reckoned for nonsense devoid of good sense and Nostradamus himself was considered to be a speculator or even a fool. His book became famous by the prophecy in which Nostradamus predicted the death of king Henry II, which came true: "The young lion will overcome the older one, in a field of combat in single fight: He will pierce his eyes in their golden cage; two wounds in one, then he dies a cruel death." After the death this quatrain was considered to be very appropriate and clear. Henry II, who used the symbol of lion in his private coat-of-arms, took part in the combat with the troops commander in the three-day tournament organized on the occasion of his daughter’s wedding with Philip II of Spain. The heraldic symbol of the country where Montogmery, the troops commander, came from, was a grievously upright lion. Montogmery’s spear was broken in fight, the splinter of the spear injured the king’s throat, but the bigger part of the spear penetrated the gold-coated grid of armour and got into the king’s eye and probably impaired the brain. The heavy suffering of the king was finished after 10 days by death.

Nostradamus predicted the reigning of Napoleon, Hitler, and Stalin, the assassination of president Kennedy and also the tragic death of princess Diana. He also predicted both World Wars, the atomic-bomb attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the sinking of Titanic and other catastrophes. More than 400 years ago, Nostradamus had already talked about people traveling in air and under the water, and many other facts. In his predictions, Nostradamus had almost never stated any concrete dates, names or places. Despite this, nearly all Nostradamus predictions are outright and unchangeable.

Nostradamus predicted also the date of his death and even the violation of his tomb, which happened 225 years after his death. Those who opened his tomb found on the tablet the date when they opened the tomb. Even the prophecy, according to which anybody who desecrates his tomb would die, came true. The robber who wanted to gain supernatural abilities by drinking wine from the skull of the prophet, as it was said in superstition, was killed by a bullet that flied away from a fight taking place in that city.

The prophecies written by Nostradamus were of great public interest until they were forbidden by the pope, because they contained sections saying about the decadence of the Vatican.

Nostradamus’ prophecies for the future are of great interest even for seekers. Please, see the abstract of two quatrains and their explanation from the book Nostradamus Code: The Third World War 2007-2012, by Michael Rathford. You will be surprised, even though they are probably differently as you would expect.

2.4. Death of the three popes / Catholic Church & the Antichrist

(Centurie IV, Quatrain 86)

The present pope will be assassinated and the next pope will not last long. The final pope will be a tool of the Antichrist. The Roman church is already the tool of the Antichrist, indirectly supporting his aims, even though they may not be aware of it.

(Centurie II, Quatrain 57)

The last three popes of the Catholic Church will fall in short succession. The third to the last will die from an assassin’s shooting. The second-to-last will be "swallowed up" by the schemings of the Antichrist. The last, the one born slightly misshapen, will go the greatest distance in destroying the church. The Antichrist will use him for a while until he gets his own position, at which point papas will be eliminated. His treachery will accelerate, and his death will signal the end of the Catholic Church.

And now you can read the original verses written by Nostradamus, to which Michael Rathford in his book refers:

Original (Centurie 4, Quatrain 86):

L’an que Saturne en eau sera conioinct,

Avecques Sol, le Roy fort puissant,

A Reims & Aix sera receu & oingt,

Apres conquestes meurtrira innocens.


The year that Saturn will be conjoined in Aquarius

With the Sun, the very powerful King

Will be received and anointed at Reims and Aix,

After conquests he will murder the innocent.

Originál (2, 57. štvorveršie):

Auant conflict le grand tumbera,

Le grand mort, mort, trop subite & plainte,

Nay miparfaict la plus part nagera,

Aupres du fleuue de sang la terre teinte.


Before the conflict the great wall will fall,

The great one to death, death too sudden and lamented,

Born imperfect: the greater part will swim:

Near the river the land stained with blood.

As you can see by yourselves, the author’s explanation of the verses is quite controversial. Of course, doubts and discrepancies concern mostly to the unfulfilled predictions, because that which happened already is confirmed in prophecies written by Nostradamus.

Various authors often give totally different explanations of the very same Nostradamus’ verses which concern to the future, and if you deeply investigate Nostradamus’ predictions according to the versions of these authors, you may come to an incredible finding. A lot of authors give information totally false and crooked not having anything in common with Nostradamus and his prophecies. Look, for example, at this explanation of the prophecy on the New York Twin Towers: "The time of new millenium will come. The houses gaining upon the clouds will be attacked by fire-birds. There will be a lot of dead and missing. The world will be changed. The lie will become truth. There will be nothing like before tragedy." Although this interpretation of the verses sounds quite truthfully, there is one mistake - you will not find this prophecy in the Nostradamus’ verses. For example, on the day of the attack on the Twins this version was disseminated by Reuters news service to the whole world (note that as a translation of the original verses from old-age French, not as an interpretation!):

In the year of the new century and nine months,

From the sky will come a great King of Terror...

The sky will burn at forty-five degrees.

Fire approaches the great new city...

In the city of york there will be a great collapse,

2 twin brothers torn apart by chaos

While the fortress falls the great leader will succumb

Third big war will begin when the big city is burning.

These verses, even if they were accepted almost by everybody who heard them on the day when the Twins disappeared, are forgery. Nostradamus’ prophecies do not contain these quatrains. It is not the first time Nostradamus’ prophecies were misused in order to manipulate public opinion...

Most authors do not include the original verses on which they based, probably because it would cast doubts on their interpretation. All books from authors who interpret Nostradamus’ prophecies have, despite their various, often a contradictory meaning of interpretation, something in common: their books make a lot of money. But besides this, these books attract readers’ attention on sensations and the future, or to say it better - on guessing of the future; and this way they lead man away from his or her present life and serve its way to the darkness. Knowledge about the future and various attractions will not do any good to man in his spiritual growth even if they were truthful, and they are a waste of precious time that man should use completely differently. Only by doing things in the present time, in little steps of everyday living, we can change our lives and therefore this world as well. Only then, when we become spiritually conscious in everyday life, we will be able to consciously create our future.


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