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Upbringing or Hereditary sin in practice

I am not interested in gloomy thoughts. I would like you to relax and take life as it gets and with a smile. I'd like to show you that the world doesn't have to be absurd only and life is worth living. I'd like you to look around in all ways and to be ambitious to reach such an attitude.

Do you know that man doesn't actually think consciously and during the day he doesn't think purposefully? He is being manipulated by instincts, an unconscious and often sick reactions of the outside world. The result is an impulsive behaviour, superficiality and shallowness. There is no doubt, it is much easier to act impulsively and under eagerness demands, rather than to stop and think. But conscious thinking and acting is very important.

Let's have a look at our upbringing. If you have a good family, yeaning good life conditions, such as peaceful and balanced atmosphere, as well as good social conditions, you have almost won a good direction in your life. Peaceful and harmonic atmosphere will help you to create and develop positive personal characteristics, it will enrich your mental balance and healthy emotional sensitivity. Good social conditions will enable you to become easier a part of working team and your personal life. Work is extremely important for man. Not only because he/she spends there a lot of his/her time.

The model according to which we are developing takes place in our family. If a child sees his/her parents looking forward to their work, creating new working values, enjoying their personal growth, he/she will follow this model and act in a same way. If his/her parents come back from work feeling worn out and annoyed, the child will develop the negative attitude towards work and his attitude towards life will very likely be the same.

A lot of things depend on our parents. Their attitudes, the way they feel towards life itself, how much alcohol they drink a day, how often they complain about life and the people around them, how joyful they are, how sad they might be, how stable or unstable they are. How often they have fed us with chocolates, to prevent us from crying and to make us remain in silence, to get some peace and quietness from us, all this might cause problems with stomach or the danger of diabetes. I only want to say that any kind of deterioration always causes decline of life and personal conditions in human life. This will lead to cessation of growth. Man should develop himself all the time and shouldn't stagnate at any time, because life is a movement. The obvious example of this is the period when a man becomes retired. If he says, fain, finally I have a peace and quietness, I don't have to do anything, it is very likely that in 2-3 years he will eventually die. Why? The answer is easy, he stops to develop and improve telling himself unconsciously: "I have nothing else to do, so why should I be here? Therefore, we must be willing to develop ourselves and as soon we have finished one stage of development, we should start a new one. Not because of fear of death, or because of the impossibility of eternal existence of material body, but simply said, to become humans and to try to move forward instead of becoming parasites of this society. Development, improvement and searching for wisdom, truth and love should become our absolute priority. This is the only way to move towards better life.



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