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Nostradamus Centuries:
Century 3

Nostradamus Centuries:<br />Century 3

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 1

APRES combat & bataille nauale,

Le grand Neptune son plus haut befroy:

Rouge aduersaire de peur vidra pasle,

Mettant le grand Occean en effroy.

After combat and naval battle,

The great Neptune in his highest belfry:

Red adversary will become pale with fear,

Putting the great Ocean in dread.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 2

Le diuin Verbe donra la substance,

Cpris ciel, terre, or occult au laict mystique:

Corps, ame esprit ayant toute puissance,

Tant soubs ses pieds comme au siege Celique.

The divine word will give to the substenance,

Including heaven, earth, gold hidden in the mystic milk:

Body, soul, spirit having all power,

As much under its feet as the Heavenly see.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 3

Mars & Mercure, & l'argent ioint ensemble,

Vers le midy extreme siccit:

Au fond d'Asie on dira terre tremble,

Corinthe, Ephese lors en perplexit.

Mars and Mercury, and the silver joined together,

Towards the south extreme drought:

In the depths of Asia one will say the earth trembles,

Corinth, Ephesus then in perplexity.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 4

Quand seront proches le defaut des lunaires,

De l'vn l'autre ne distant grandement,

Froid, siccit, danger vers les frontieres,

Mesme o l'oracle a prins commencement.

When they will be close the lunar ones will fail,

From one another not greatly distant,

Cold, dryness, danger towards the frontiers,

Even where the oracle has had its beginning.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 5

Pres loing defaut de deux grands luminaires.

Qui suruiendra entre l'Auril & Mars:

O quel cherr! mais deux grands debonnaires

Par terre & mer secourront toutes pars.

Near, far the failure of the two great luminaries

Which will occur between April and March.

Oh, what a loss! but two great good-natured ones

By land and sea will relieve all parts.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 6

Dans temple clos le foudre y entrera,

Les citadins dedans leur fort greuez.

Cheuaux, boeufs, hmes, l'onde mur touchera,

Par faim, soif, soubs les plus foibles armez.

Within the closed temple the lightning will enter,

The citizens within their fort injured:

Horses, cattle, men, the wave will touch the wall,

Through famine, drought, under the weakest armed.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 7

Les fugitifs, feu du ciel sus les picques,

Conflict prochain des corbeaux, s'esbatans

De terre on crie, ayde, secours celiques,

Quand pres des murs seront les combatans.

The fugitives, fire from the sky on the pikes:

Conflict near the ravens frolicking,

From land they cry for aid and heavenly relief,

When the combatants will be near the walls.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 8

Les Cimbres ioints auecques leurs voisins

De populer viendront presque l'Espagne:

Gens amassez Guienne & Limosins

Seront en ligue, & leur feront compagne.

The Cimbri joined with their neighbors

Will come to ravage almost Spain:

Peoples gathered in Guienne and Limousin

Will be in league, and will bear them company.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 9

Bourdeaux Roan, & la Rochelle ioints,

Tiendront autour la grand mer Occeane,

Anglois, Bretons, & les Flamans conioints

Les chasseront iusqu'aupres de Roane.

Bordeaux, Rouen and La Rochelle joined

Will hold around the great Ocean sea,

English, Bretons and the Flemings allied

Will chase them as far as Roanne.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 10

De sang & faim plus grand calamit,

Sept fois s'appreste la marine plage:

Monech de faim, lieu pris, captiuit,

Le grand, men croc en ferree cage.

Greater calamity of blood and famine,

Seven times it approaches the marine shore:

Monaco from hunger, place captured, captivity,

The great one led crunching in a metaled cage.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 11

Les armes batre au ciel longue saison

L'arbre au milieu de la cit tomb:

Verbine rogne, glaiue, en face tison,

Lors le monarque d'Hadrie succomb.

The arms to fight in the sky a long time,

The tree in the middle of the city fallen:

Sacred bough clipped, steel, in the face of the firebrand,

Then the monarch of "Adria" fallen.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 12

Par la tumeur de Heb, Po, Timbre, & Rome

Et par l'estang Leman & Aretin.

Les deux grands chefs & citez de Garonne,

Prins, mortz noyez: Partir humain butin.

Because of the swelling of the Ebro, Po, Tagus, Tiber and Rhone

And because of the pond of Geneva and Arezzo,

The two great chiefs and cities of the Garonne,

Taken, dead, drowned: human booty divided.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 13

Par foudre en l'arche or & argent fondu,

De deux captifs l'vn l'autre mangera

De la cit le plus grand estendu,

Quand submergee la classe nagera.

Through lightning in the arch gold and silver melted,

Of two captives one will eat the other:

The greatest one of the city stretched out,

When submerged the fleet will swim.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 14

Par le rameau du vaillant personnage,

De France infime, par le pere infelice:

Honneurs, richesses: trauail en son viel aage,

Pour auoir creu le conseil d'homme nice.

Through the branch of the valiant personage

Of lowest France: because of the unhappy father

Honors, riches, travail in his old age,

For having believed the advice of a simple man.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 15

Coeur, vigueur, gloire le regne changera.

De tous points contre ayant son aduersaire:

Lors France enfance par mort subiugera,

Vn grand Regent sera lors plus contraire.

The realm, will change in heart, vigor and glory,

In all points having its adversary opposed:

Then through death France an infancy will subjugate,

A great Regent will then be more contrary.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 16

Vn prince Anglois Mars son coeur de ciel,

Voudra poursuyure la fortune prospere

Des deux duelles l'vn percera le fiel,

Hay de luy bien aymee de sa mere.

An English prince Marc in his heavenly heart

Will want to pursue his prosperous fortune,

Of the two duels one will pierce his gall:

Hated by him well loved by his mother.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 17

Mont Auentine brusler nuict sera veu,

Le ciel obscur tout vn coup en Flandres

Quand le monarque chassera son neueu,

Leurs gens d'Eglise commettr les esclandres.

Mount Aventine will be seen to burn at night:

The sky very suddenly dark in Flanders:

When the monarch will chase his nephew,

Then Church people will commit scandals.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 18

Apres la pluye laict asses longuette,

En plusieurs lieux de Reims le ciel touch:

O quel conflict de sang pres d'eux s'apprester,

Peres & fils Roys n'oseront approcher.

After the rather long rain milk,

In several places in Reims the sky touched:

Alas, what a bloody murder is prepared near them,

Fathers and sons Kings will not dare approach.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 19

En Luques sang & laict viendra plouuoir,

Vn peu deuant changement de preteur:

Grand peste & guerre, faim & soif fera voir

Loin o mourra leur prince & recteur.

In Lucca it will come to rain blood and milk,

Shortly before a change of praetor:

Great plague and war, famine and drought will be m,ade visible

Far away where their prince and rector will die.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 20

Par les contrees du grand fleuue Bethique,

Loin d'Ibere au Royaume de Grenade

Croix repoussees par gens Mahometiques

Vn Cordubete ahira le contrade.

Through the regions of the great river Guadalquivir

Deep in Iberia to the Kingdom of Grenada

Crosses beaten back by the Mahometan peoples

One of Cordova will betray his country

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 21

Au Crustamin par mer Hadriatique,

Apparoistra vn horrible poisson,

De face humaine, & la fin aquatique,

Qui se prendra dehors de l'ameon.

In the Conca by the Adriatic Sea

There will appear a horrible fish,

With face human and its end aquatic,

Which will be taken without the hook.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 22

Six iours l'assaut deuant cit donn:

Liuree sera forte & aspre bataille:

Trois la rendront, & eux pardonn,

Le reste feu & sang tranche taille.

Six days the attack made before the city:

Battle will be given strong and harsh:

Three will surrender it, and to them pardon:

The rest to fire and to bloody slicing and cutting.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 23

Si France passe outre mert lygustique,

Tu te verras en isles & mers enclos.

Mahommet contraire, plus mer Hadriatique

Cheuaux & d'Asnes ty rongeras les os.

If, France, you pass beyond the Ligurian Sea,

You will see yourself shut up in islands and seas:

Mahomet contrary, more so the Adriatic Sea:

You will gnaw the bones of horses and asses.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 24

De l'entreprinse grande confusion,

Perte de gens thresor innumerable:

Tu n'y dois faire encore tension.

France mon dire fais que sois recordable.

Great confusion in the enterprise,

Loss of people, countless treasure:

You ought not to extend further there.

France, let what I say be remembered.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 25

Qui au royaume Nauarrois paruiendra,

Quand le Sicile & Naples seront ioints:

Bigore & Lances par Foyx loron tiendra

D'vn qui d'Espagne sera par trop conioint.

He who will attain to the kingdom of Navarre

When Sicily and Naples will be joined:

He will hold Bigorre and Landes through Foix and Oloron

From one who will be too closely allied with Spain.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 26

Des Roys & Princes dresseront simulacres,

Augures, creuz esleuez aruspices:

Corne, victume d'oree, & d'azur, d'acre,

Inrerpretez seront les extipices.

They will prepare idols of Kings and Princes,

Soothsayers and empty prophets elevated:

Horn, victime of gold, and azure, dazzling,

The soothsayers will be interpreted.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 27

Prince libinique puissant en Occident.

Franois d'Arabe viendra tant enflammer.

Sauant aux lettres fera condescendent

La langue Arabe en Franois translater.

Libyan Prince powerful in the West

Will come to inflame very much French with Arabian.

Learned in letters condescending he will

Translate the Arabian language into French.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 28

De terre foible & pauure parentelle,

Par bout & paix paruiendra dans l'empire.

Long temps regner vne ieune femelle,

Qu'oncques en regne n'en suruint vn si pire.

Of land weak and parentage poor,

Through piece and peace he will attain to the empire.

For a long time a young female to reign,

Never has one so bad come upon the kingdom.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 29

Les deux neueux en diuers lieux nourris.

Nauale pugne, terre peres tombez

Viendront si haut esleuez enguerris

Venger l'iniure, ennemis succombez.

The two nephews brought up in diverse places:

Naval battle, land, fathers fallen:

They will come to be elevated very high in making war

To avenge the injury, enemies succumbed.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 30

Celuy qu'en luitte & fer au faict bellique

Aura port plus grand que luy le pris:

De nuict au lict six luy feront la pique

Nud sans harnois subit sera surprins.

He who during the struggle with steel in the deed of war

Will have carried off the prize from on greater than he:

By night six will carry the grudge to his bed,

Without armor he will surprised suddenly.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 31

Aux champs de Mede, d'Arabe, & d'Armenie

Deux grands copies trois fois s'assembleront:

Pres du riuage d'Araxes la mesgnie,

Du grand Soliman en terre tomberont.

On the field of Media, of Arabia and of Armenia

Two great armies will assemble thrice:

The host near the bank of the Araxes,

They will fall in the land of the great Suleiman.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 32

Le grand sepulchre du peuple Aquitanique

S'approchera aupres de la Toscane.

Quand Mars sera pres du coing Germanique

Et au terroir de la gent Mantuane.

The great tomb of the people of Aquitaine

Will approach near to Tuscany,

When Mars will be in the corner of Germany

And in the land of the Mantuan people.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 33

En la cit o le loup entrera,

Bien pres de l les ennemis seront:

Copie estrange grand pays gastera

Aux murs & Alpes les amis passeront.

In the city where the wolf will enter,

Very near there will the enemies be:

Foreign army will spoil a great country.

The friends will pass at the wall and Alps.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 34

Quand le deffaut du Soleil lors sera

Sur le plein iour le monstre sera veu:

Tout autrement on l'interpretera,

Chert n'a garde nul n'y aura pourueu.

When the eclipse of the Sun will then be,

The monster will be seen in full day:

Quite otherwise will one interpret it,

High price unguarded: none will have foreseen it.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 35

Du plus profond de l'Occident d'Europe,

De pauures gens vn ieune enfant naistra,

Qui par sa langue seduira grande troupe,

Sont bruit au regne d'Orient plus croistra.

From the very depths of the West of Europe,

A young child will be born of poor people,

He who by his tongue will seduce a great troop:

His fame will increase towards the realm of the East.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 36

Enseuely non mort apopletique,

Sera trouu auoir les mains mangees:

Quand la cit damnera l'heretique,

Qu'auoit leurs loix, ce leur sembloit changees,

Buried apoplectic not dead,

He will be found to have his hands eaten:

When the city will condemn the heretic,

He who it seemed to them had changed their laws.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 37

Auant l'assaut l'oraison prononcee,

Milan prins d'Aigle par embusches deceus

Muraille antique par canons enfoncee,

Par feu & sang mercy peu receus.

The speech delivered before the attack,

Milan taken by the Eagle through deceptive ambushes:

Ancient wall driven in by cannons,

Through fire and blood few given quarter.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 38

La gens Gauloise & nation estrange,

Outre les motns, morts, prins & profugez:

Au moins contraire & proche de vendange,

Paules Seigneurs en accord redigez.

The Gallic people and a foreign nation

Beyond the mountains, dead, captured and killed:

In the contrary month and near vintage time,

Through the Lords drawn up in accord.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 39

Les sept en trois moins en concorde,

Pour subiuguer des Alpes Apennines:

Mais la tempeste & Ligure coarde,

Les profligent en subites ruines.

The seven in three months in agreement

To subjugate the Apennine Alps:

But the tempest and cowardly Ligurian,

Destroys them in sudden ruins.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 40

Le grand theatre se viendra redresser,

Les dez iettez & les rets ja tendus:

Trop le premier en glaz viendra lasser,

Pars arcs prostrais de long temps ja fendus.

The great theater will come to be set up again:

The dice cast and the snares already laid.

Too much the first one will come to tire in the death knell,

Prostrated by arches already a long time split.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 41

Bossu sera esleu par le conseil.

Plus hideux monstre en terre n'apperceu,

Le coup voulant creuera l'oeil,

Le traistre au Roy pour fidelle receu.

Hunchback will be elected by the council,

A more hideous monster not seen on earth,

The willing blow will put out his eye:

The traitor to the King received as faithful.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 42

L'enfant naistra deux dents en la gorge,

Pierres en Tuscie par pluye tomberont:

Peu d'ans apres ne sera bled ny orge,

Pour saouler ceux qui de faim failliront.

The child will be born with two teeth in his mouth,

Stones will fall during the rain in Tuscany:

A few years after there will be neither wheat nor barley,

To satiate those who will faint from hunger.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 43

Gens d'alentour de Tain Loth, & Garonne

Grandez les monts Apenines passer:

Vostre tombeau pres de Rome & d'Anconne,

Le noir poil crespe fera trophe dresser:

People from around the Tarn, Lot and Garonne

Beware of passing the Apennine mountains:

Your tomb near Rome and Ancona,

The black frizzled beard will have a trophy set up.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 44

Quand l'animal l'homme domestique,

Apres grands peines & sauts viendra parler,

Le foudre vierge sera si malefique,

De terre prinse & suspendue en l'air.

When the animal domesticated by man

After great pains and leaps will come to speak:

The lightning to the virgin will be very harmful,

Taken from earth and suspended in the air.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 45

Les cinq estranges entrez dedans le temple.

Leur sang viendra la terre prophaner.

Aux Tholosains sera bien dur exemple,

D'vn qui viendra ses lois exterminer.

The five strangers entered in the temple,

Their blood will come to pollute the land:

To the Toulousans it will be a very hard example

Of one who will come to exterminate their laws.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 46

Le ciel (de Plencus la cit) nous presage,

Par clers insignes & par estoilles fixes,

Que de son change subit s'approche l'aage,

Ne pour son bien, ne pour ses malefices.

The sky ( of Plancus' city ) forebodes to us

Through clear signs and fixed stars,

That the time of its sudden change is approaching,

Neither for its good, nor for its evils.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 47

Le vieux monarque dechass de son regne

Aux Oriens son secours ira querre:

Pour peut des croix ployera son enseigne,

En Mytilene ira par port & par terre.

The old monarch chased out of his realm

Will go to the East asking for its help:

For fear of the crosses he will fold his banner:

To Mitylene he will go through port and by land.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 48

Sept cens captifs attachez rudement,

Pour la moiti meurtrir, donn le sort:

Le proche espoir vindra si promptement

Mais non si tost qu'vne quinziesme mort.

Seven hundred captives bound roughly.

Lots drawn for the half to be murdered:

The hope at hand will come very promptly

But not as soon as the fifteenth death.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 49

Regne Gaulois tu seras bien chang,

En lieu estrange est translat l'empire:

En autres moeurs & loix seras rang,

Rouan, & Chartres te feront bien du pire.

Gallic realm, you will be much changed:

To a foreign place is the empire transferred:

You will be set up amidst other customs and laws:

Rouen and Chartres will do much of the worst to you.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 50

La republique de la grande cit,

A grand rigueur ne voudra consentir:

Roy sortir hors par trompette cit,

L'eschelle au mur la cit repentir.

The republic of the great city

Will not want to consent to the great severity:

King summoned by trumpet to go out,

The ladder at the wall, the city will repent.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 51

Paris coniure vn grand meurtre commetre

Blois le fera sortir en plain effect:

Ceux d'Orleans voudront leur chef remettre

Angers, Troye, Langres leur feront vn meffait.

Paris conspires to commit a great murder

Blois will cause it to be fully carried out:

Those of Orleans will want to replace their chief,

Angers, Troyes, Langres will commit a misdeed against them.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 52

En la champagne sera si longue pluye,

Et en la Poille si grande siccit

Coq verra l'Aigle, l'aisse mal accomplie,

Par Lyon mise sera en extremit.

In Campania there will be a very long rain,

In Apulia very great drought.

The Cock will see the Eagle, its wing poorly finished,

By the Lion will it be put into extremity.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 53

Quand le plus grand emportera le pris

De Nuremberg d'Augbourg, & ceuz de Basle,

Par Agippine chef Frankfort repris

Trauerseront par Flamant iusques en Gale.

When the greatest one will carry off the prize

Of Nuremberg, of Augsburg, and those of Basel

Through Cologne the chief Frankfort retaken

They will cross through Flanders right into Gaul.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 54

L'vn des grands fuira aux Espagnes

Qu'en longue playe apres viendra saigner:

Passant copies par les hautes montaines,

Deuastant tout, & puis en paix regner.

One of the greatest ones will flee to Spain

Which will thereafter come to bleed in a long wound:

Armies passing over the high mountains,

Devastating all, and then to reign in peace.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 55

En l'an qu'vn oeil en France regnera,

La court sera en vn bien fascheux trouble:

Le grand de Blois sont amy tuera

Le regne mis en mal & doute double.

In the year that one eye will reign in France,

The court will be in very unpleasant trouble:

The great one of Blois will kill his friend:

The realm placed in harm and double doubt.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 56

Montaubant, Nismes, Auignon & Besier,

Peste, tonnerre, & gresle fin de Mars:

De Paris Pont, Lyon mur, Montpellier,

Depuis six cens & sept vingts trois pars.

Montauban, Nismes, Avignon and Bziers,

Plague, thunder and hail in the wake of Mars:

Of Paris bridge, Lyons wall, Montpellier,

After six hundreds and seven score three pairs.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 57

Sept fois changer verrez gent Britanique,

Taints en sang en deux cens nonante an

Franche non point par appuy Germanique

Aries doubte son pole Bastarnan.

Seven times will you see the British nation change,

Steeped in blood in 290 years:

Free not at all its support Germanic.

Aries doubt his "Bastarnian" pole.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 58

Aupres du Rhin des montaignes Noriques

Naistra vn grand de gens trop trard venu,

Qui defendra Saurome & Pannoniques,

Qu'on ne saura qu'il sera deuenu.

Near the Rhine from the Noric mountains

Will be born a great one of people come too late,

One who will defend Sarmatia and the Pannonians,

One will not know what will have become of him.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 59

Barbare empire par le tiers vsurp,

La plus grand part de son sang mettra mort:

Par mort senile par luy le quart frapp,

Pour peur que sang par le sang ne soit mort.

Barbarian empire usurped by the third,

The greater part of his blood he will put to death:

Through senile death the fourth struck by him,

For fear that the blood through the blood be not dead.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 60

Par toute Asie grande proscription,

Mesme en Mysie, Lysie, & Pamphilie.

Sang versera par absolution,

D'vn ieune noir remply de felonnie.

Throughout all Asia (Minor) great proscription,

Even in Mysia, Lycia and Pamphilia.

Blood will be shed because of the absolution

Of a young black one filled with felony.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 61

La grande bande & secte crucigere,

Se dressera en Mesopotamie:

Du proche fleuue compagnie legere,

Que telle loy tiendra pour ennemie.

The great band and sect of crusaders

Will be arrayed in Mesopotamia:

Light company of the nearby river,

That such law will hold for an enemy.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 62

Proche del duero par mer Cyrrene close,

Viendra perser les grands monts Pyrenees

La main plus courte & sa perce glose,

A Carcassonne conduira les menees.

Near the Douro by the closed Tyrannean sea,

He will come to pierce the great Pyrenees mountains.

One hand shorter his opening glosses,

He will lead his traces to Carcassone.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 63

Romain pouuoir sera du tout bas:

Son grand voisin imiter les vestiges:

Occultes haines ciuiles & debats,

Retarderont au bouffons leurs folies.

The Roman power will be thoroughly abased,

Following in the footsteps of its great neighbour:

Hidden civil hatreds and debates

Will delay their follies for the buffoons.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 64

Le chef de Perse remplira grande Olchade,

Classe Triteme contre gens Mahometiques:

De Parthe, & Mede, & piller les Cyclades.

Repos long temps au grand port Ionique.

The chief of Persia will occupy great "Olchades,"

The trireme fleet against the Mahometan people

From Parthia, and Media: and the Cyclades pillaged:

Long rest at the great Ionian port.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 65

Quand le sepulchre du grand Romain trouu

Le iour apres sera esleu Pontife:

Du Senat gueres il ne sera prouu

Empoisonne, son sang au sacr scyphe.

When the sepulchre of the great Roman is found,

The day after a Pontiff will be elected:

Scarcely will he be approved by the Senate

Poisoned, his blood in the sacred chalice.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 66

Le grand Balif d'Orleans mis mort

Sera par vn de sang vindicatif:

De mort merite ne montra ne par sort

Des pieds & mains mal le faisoit captif.

The great Bailiff of Orleans put to death

Will be by one of blood revengeful:

Of death deserved he will not die, nor by chance:

He made captive poorly by his feet and hands.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 67

Vne nouuelle secte de Philosophes,

Mesprisant mort, or, honneurs & richesses:

Des monts Germanins ne seront limitrophes,

A les ensuyure auront appuy & presses.

A new sect of Philosophers

Despising death, gold, honors and riches

Will not be bordering upon the German mountains:

To follow them they will have power and crowds.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 68

Peuple sans chef d'Espaigne d'Italie,

Mors, profliges dedans le Cherronesse

Leur dict trahy par legere folie,

Le sang nager par tout la traverse.

Leaderless people of Spain and Italy

Dead, overcome within the Peninsula:

Their dictator betrayed by irresponsible folly,

Swimming in blood everywhere in the latitude.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 69

Grand exercise conduit par iouuenceau,

Se viendra rendre aux mains des ennemis

Mais le vieillard nay au demy pourceau,

Fera Chalon & Mascon estre amis.

The great army led by a young man,

It will come to surrender itself into the hands of the enemies:

But the old one born to the half-pig,

He will cause Chlon and Mascon to be friends.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 70

La grand Bretaigne comprinse d'Angletterre,

Viendra par eaux si haut inonder

La Ligue neuue d'ausonne fera guerre,

Que contre eux ils se viendront bander.

The great Britain including England

Will come to be flooded very high by waters

The new League of Ausonia will make war,

So that they will come to strive against them.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 71

Ceux dans les isles de long temps assiegez,

Prendront vigueur force contre ennemis:

Ceux par dehors morts de faim profligez,

En plus grand faim que iamais seront mis.

Those in the isles long besieged

Will take vigor and force against their enemies:

Those outside dead overcome by hunger,

They will be put in greater hunger than ever before.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 72

Le bon vieillard tout vif enseuely,

Pres du grand fleuue par fausse soupon:

Le nouueau vieux de richesse ennobly,

Prins chemin tout l'or de la ranon.

The good old man buried quite alive,

Near the great river through false suspicion:

The new old man ennobled by riches,

Captured on the road all his gold for ransom.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 73

Quand dans le regne paruiendra le boiteux,

Competiteur aura proche bastard:

Luy & le regne viendront si fort roigneux,

Qu'ains qu'il guerisse son faict sera bien tard.

When the cripple will attain to the realm,

For his competitor he will have a near bastard:

He and the realm will become so very mangy

That before he recovers, it will be too late.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 74

Naples, Florence, Fauence, & Imole,

Seront en termes de telle facherie,

Que pour complaire aux malheureux de Nolle

Plainct d'auoir faict son chef moquerie.

Naples, Florence, Faenza and Imola,

They will be on terms of such disagreement

As to delight in the wretches of Nola

Complaining of having mocked its chief.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 75

Pau, Verone, Vicenne Sarragousse,

De glaiues loings, terroirs de sang humides

Peste si grande viendra la grand gousse,

Proche secours, & bien loing les remedes.

Pau, Verona, Vicenza, Saragossa,

From distant swords lands wet with blood:

Very great plague will come with the great shell,

Relief near, and the remedies very far.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 76

En Germanie naistront diuerses sectes,

S'approchant fort de l'heureux paganisme,

Le coeur captif & petites receptes,

Feront retour payer le vray disme.

In Germany will be born diverse sects,

Coming very near happy paganism,

The heart captive and returns small,

They will return to paying the true tithe.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 77

Le tiers climat sous Aries comprins

L'an mil sept cens vingt & sept en Octobre,

Le Roy de Perse par d'Egypte prins

Conflit mort, perte: la croix grand opprobre.

The third climate included under Aries

The year 1727 in October,

The King of Persia captured by those of Egypt:

Conflict, death, loss: to the cross great shame.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 78

Le chef d'Escosse, auec six d'Allemagne

Par gens de mer Orient aux captif:

Trauerseront le Calpre & Espagne,

Present en Perse au nouueau Roy craintif.

The chief of Scotland, with six of Germany

Captive of the Eastern seamen:

They will pass Gibraltar and Spain,

Present in Persia for the fearful new King.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 79

L'ordre fatal sempiternel par chaisne,

Viendra tourner par orpte consequent:

Du port Phocen sera rompue la chaisne,

La cit prinse, l'ennemy quant & quant.

The fatal everlasting order through the chain

Will come to turn through consistent order:

The chain of Marseilles will be broken:

The city taken, the enemy at the same time.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 80

Du regne Anglois le digne dechass,

Le conseiller par ire mis feu

Ses adherans iront si bas tracer,

Que le bastard sera demy receu.

The worthy one chased out of the English realm,

The adviser through anger put to the fire:

His adherents will go so low to efface themselves

That the bastard will be half received.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 81

Le grand criard sans honte audacieux,

Sera esleu gouuerneur de l'armee:

La hardiesse de son contenteur

Le pont rompu, cit de pur pasmee.

The great shameless, audacious bawler,

He will be elected governor of the army:

The boldness of his contention,

The bridge broken, the city faint from fear.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 82

Ereins, Antibor, villes autour de Nice,

Seront gastees fort par mer & par terre:

Les sauterelles terre & mer vent propice,

Prins morts trousses, pilles sans loy de guerre:

Frjus, Antibes, towns around Nice,

They will be thoroughly devastated by sea and by land:

The locusts by land and by sea the wind propitious,

Captured, dead, bound, pillaged without law of war.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 83

Les longs cheueux de la Gaule Celtique,

Accompagnes d'estranges nations,

Mettront captif la gent aquitanique,

Pour succomber leurs intentions.

The long hairs of Celtic Gaul

Accompanied by foreign nations,

They will make captive the people of Aquitaine,

For succumbing to their designs.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 84

La grande cit sera bien desolee,

Des habitans vn seul n'y demeurera

Mur, sexe, temple & vierge violee,

Par fer, feu, peste canon peuple mourra.

The great city will be thoroughly desolated,

Of the inhabitants not a single one will remain there:

Wall, sex, temple and virgin violated,

Through sword, fire, plague, cannon people will die.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 85

La cit prinse par tromperie & fraude,

Par le moyen d'vn beau ieune attrap.

Assaut donn Raubine pres de LAVDE,

Luy & touts morts pour auoir bien tromp.

The city taken through deceit and guile,

Taken in by means of a handsome youth:

Assault given by the Robine near the Aude,

He and all dead for having thoroughly deceived.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 86

Vn chef d'Ausonne aux Espaignes ira

Par mer fera arrest dedans Marseille:

Auant sa mort vn long temps languira

Apres sa mort on verra grand merueille.

A chief of Ausonia will go to Spain

By sea, he will make a stop in Marseilles:

Before his death he will linger a long time:

After his death one will see a great marvel.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 87

Classe Gauloisse n'approche de Corsegue,

Moins de Sardaigne, tu t'en repentiras:

Trestous mourrez frustrez de l'aide grogne.

Sang nagera captif ne me croiras.

Gallic fleet, do not approach Corsica,

Less Sardinia, you will rue it:

Every one of you will die frustrated of the help of the cape:

You will swim in blood, captive you will not believe me.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 88

De Barselonne par mer si grand' armee,

Toute Marseille de frayeur tremblera.

Isles saisies de mer ayde fermee,

Ton traditeur en terre nagera.

From Barcelona a very great army by sea,

All Marseilles will tremble with terror:

Isles seized help shut off by sea,

Your traitor will swim on land.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 89

En ce temps la sera frustree Cypres.

De son secours de ceux de mer Egee:

Vieux trucidez, mais par mesles & lyphres

Seduict leur Roy, Royne, plus outragee.

At that time Cyprus will be frustrated

Of its relief by those of the Aegean Sea:

Old ones slaughtered: but by speeches and supplications

Their King seduced, Queen outraged more.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 90

Le grand Satyre & Tigre d'Hyrcanie.

Dont present ceux de l'Occean:

Vn chef classe istra de Carmanie,

Qui prendra texte au Tyrren Phocean.

The great Satyr and Tiger of Hyrcania,

Gift presented to those of the Ocean:

A fleet's chief will set out from Carmania,

One who will take land at the "Tyrren Phocaean."

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 91

L'arbre qu'estoit par long temps mort sech,

Dans vne nuict viendra reuerdir:

Coron Roy malade, Prince pied estach,

Criant d'ennemis fera voile bondir.

The tree which had long been dead and withered,

In one night it will come to grow green again:

The Cronian King sick, Prince with club foot,

Feared by his enemies he will make his sail bound.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 92

Le monde proche du dernier periode

Saturne encor tard sera de retour:

Tanslat empire deuers nation Brodde,

L'oeil arrach Narbon par Autour.

The world near the last period,

Saturn will come back again late:

Empire transferred towards the Dusky nation,

The eye plucked out by the Goshawk at Narbonne.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 93

Dans Auignon tout le chef de l'empire

Fera arrest pour Paris desol:

Tricast tiendra l'Annibalique ire,

Lyon par change sera mal consol.

In Avignon the chief of the whole empire

Will make a stop on the way to desolated Paris:

"Tricast" will hold the anger of Hannibal:

Lyons will be poorly consoled for the change.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 94

De cinq cens ans plus compte lon tiendra,

Celuy qu'estoit l'ornement de son temps:

Puis vn coup grande clart donra,

Qui par ce siecle les rendra trescontens.

For five hundred years more one will keep count of him

Who was the ornament of his time:

Then suddenly great light will he give,

He who for this century will render them very satisfied.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 95

La loy Moricque on verra deffaillir.

Apres vne autre beaucoup plus seductiue:

Boristhenes premier viendra faillir.

Par dons & langue vne plus attractiue.

The law of More will be seen to decline:

After another much more seductive:

Dnieper first will come to give way:

Through gifts and tongue another more attractive.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 96

Chef de Fossan aura gorge couppee,

Par le ducteur du limier & leurier:

Le faict par ceux du mont Tarpee,

Saturne en Leo 13. de Feurier.

The Chief of Fossano will have his throat cut

By the leader of the bloodhound and greyhound:

The deed executed by those of the Tarpeian Rock,

Saturn in Leo February 13.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 97

Nouuelle loy terre neuue occuper,

Vers la Syrie, Iude & Palestine:

Le grand empire barbare corruer,

Auant que Phebs son siecle determine.

New law to occupy the new land

Towards Syria, Judea and Palestine:

The great barbarian empire to decay,

Before the Moon completes it cycle.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 98

Deux royals freres si fort guerroyeront

Qu'entre eux sera la guerre si mortelle:

Qu'vn chacun places fortes occuperons,

De regne & vie sera leur grand querelle.

Two royal brothers will wage war so fiercely

That between them the war will be so mortal

That both will occupy the strong places:

Their great quarrel will fill realm and life.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 99

Aux champs herbeux d'Alein & du Varneigne,

Du mont Lebron proche de la Durance,

Camps de deux parts conflict sera si aigre,

Mesopotasie defaillira en la France.

In the grassy fields of Alleins and Verngues

Of the Lubron range near the Durance,

The conflict will be very sharp for both armies,

Mesopotamia will fail in France.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 3, 100

Entre Gaulois le dernier honnor,

D'homme ennemy sera victorieux:

Force & terroir en nomment explor,

D'vn coup de traict quand moura l'enuieux.

The last one honored amongst the Gauls,

Over the enemy man will he be victorious:

Force and land in a moment explored,

When the envious one will die from an arrow shot.

Centuries by Michel Nostradamus


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