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Love of man and woman

Love of man and woman

Much has been written and said about love. However, its concept has been often distorted. Perhaps the biggest mistake is to brand physical form of love between man and woman sinful. Love in its nature is only spiritual. Physical (erotic) love is its reflection in the physical plane. Physical love is natural and desired by God. How could people even accept the idea that naturalness given by the Creator, which gives rise to all biological life, is sinful? Has nobody realized how huge is the amount of energy emanating from sexual power? Has nobody noticed how two clean people in love shine?

It is followed by another distortion, which is to declare women as an inferior being. For centuries, women were used as exchange goods for heifers, territories, Kingdoms. After such trade, in which love had no place, the ritual of a priest supposedly sanctified sexual abuse of women by men and got rid of its sinfulness! We could long ago have figured out that the quality of love between man and woman determines the quality of the next generation. How different are children conceived out of love from children arising from sex!

The third perversity and negation of love is fornication. Fornication is a sexual intercourse without spiritual and mental love. Thus, sex for money, for peace in marriage, out of erotic curiosity, out of vanity, self-abuse, early sex, homosexuality, sex between relatives, perversion, and especially sex for pleasure. If sexual relation is based on spiritual love, its motive is the will to give partner tenderness, to balance sexual charge of partner’s spirit. So, it is about giving! If sexual relation is based on selfishness, its motivation is to take pleasure for oneself. As a result of these conflicting motives: to give – to take, energetic actions from erotic process take place completely differently. If the motive is to give, then the partner is given energy and thanks to love, he feels energized, balanced and happy. He does not feel tired! However, if the motive is to take, then the spirit of partner is deprived from energy and the result is feeling tired, disgusted by carnality, having a feeling that the world is futile. God forbade people from fornication for their own good! The result of fornication is loss of sexual and vital power. It does not matter whether it happens within marriage or outside it.

The fourth distortion is surrounding the processes of physical love by a veil of secrecy.

Light has no secrets. Young people should be fully informed. However, the role to instruct is often undertaken by people to whom there is nothing but just the physical matter. Those people are learned sexologists, as if love could be studied! What can they say about spirituality and sentiments, which are precondition for true love? They can only teach how to fornicate! In their opinion, the purpose of sexual act is discharge of sexual power, so-called sexual gratification, not giving partner the sexual power.

Another manifestation of distortion and ignorance is the claim that the sole purpose of sexual connection is to have children. The ideal is represented by a family of twelve children whose parents cannot even properly support them, cannot raise them responsibly and give them adequate attention. The result is not paradise on earth, which we are supposed to build, but the valley of tears where only hope for “heaven after death” is well sold. Wisdom of love also includes conscious parenthood!

The sixth manifestation of distortion is acting against creativity, hence also against creativity of love. Numbness and stereotype result in loss of joy of love.

Conditions for achievement of true love:

The first condition is developed spiritual dimension of man. Only people alive in their spirit are able to receive radiation of Creator’s love, to be shaken by it and to give it to their partner too. In that case, spiritual and emotional love controls the direction of sexual instinct. Spiritual guidance of such man then arranges the meeting of his ideal partner at the right time. People, who have not developed their spiritual dimension, are unable to truly love.

The second condition of true love is gender equality. This equality is not only legal status. To understand it we need, first of all, to realize that female spirit is different from male. Men are characterized by active creative energy – so by activity, toughness, hardness, rationalism, and they are built better for life in the material world. On the contrary, women are characterized by passive creative energy, thus by receptiveness, intuitiveness, adaptability, sensitiveness, and they are built better to perceive the spiritual world. Men have a greater predisposition to have a rational view of the world whereas women look at the world rather emotionally. Their inner mental connection enriches them both; they have more coherent worldview and they complement each other. Being aware of qualities of the opposite sex is the fundamental building block of love. What we love on the other person are that person's personality features we do not have, which tremble in God's will. So, actually, we love God, source of all goodness, even by loving our partner.

The third condition of true love is humility – awareness of one’s own imperfection. Out of love towards partner, one tries, firstly, to hide his bad traits and then to eliminate them. Such effort is concrete manifestation of love; this is the greatest gift because it takes most of effort. Nobody wants to change out of his/her own accord! Only love is so magical, that it triggers the transformation of one’s own character with intention of bringing joy to his/her beloved person. Therefore, love is the greatest stimulus for spiritual growth.

The fourth condition of true love is complete openness. It is necessary to tell partner everything; it is the only way to become part of the other! Those who would not support it are not capable and worthy of true love. Sexologists, on the contrary, teach partners about so-called marital games whose essence is pretending behavior. Partners have to play an act and do not take everything too seriously; to play game of life in actual life. Therefore allegedly marriages persist; otherwise people are allegedly polygamous (having more than one partner). But those who say such things have never experienced the state of true love. Love is perfectly monogamous! When man and woman are internally connected, both are automatically “castrated” against others. This means that they do not view others as sexual objects. For the reason that real relationships virtually disappeared, desire for opposite sex arises in our subconscious mind; and all, single and married, are constantly erotically attracted to opposite sex. Their subconscious is continuously looking for true love, not being able to find it.

The fifth condition of true love is complete exclusion of property, social and family matters from relationship. Woe to those who try to prevent true love for such reasons. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder! Love is negation of evil influence; therefore the evil attaches such importance to legal and rational reasons by means of opponents of true love.

The sixth condition of true love is to be prepared for it and pray for it. To those who knock, the door will be opened. However, they must be worthy of true love and be ready for it. According to the law of uniformity, prepared man meets prepared woman and unprepared man meets unprepared woman. In the latter case there is only one solution – mutual efforts toward improvement; after all, that’s why they met each other. Then, they both grow into a better person.

True love between man and woman is reciprocal giving – giving without conditions and demands for repayment, because such is the nature of the world. Those who stop giving, loose their ability to love. Therefore, they fall into ego, loneliness and despair. They are not punished; they punish themselves for disrespect of the spiritual order of creation.


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