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Money should reflect the value of work (the material used to make products is obtained free of charge from the Mother Nature, isn't it?). Unfortunately, it is not so at present and opinions that “money makes money” are generally accepted. So money becomes the ruin of the entire economy.

Everyone admires businessmen who achieve tremendous profits through dealing in securities or through buying and selling goods and wants to be as “successful” as them. But if you look at the matter somewhat more soberly, you'll see that an excessively high profit is added to the price of goods, which the awesome businessmen steal from others, while those who create real values go bankrupt and struggle to survive. Working families really need to tighten their belts to be able to pay increasingly higher prices for rent, electricity, gas, water, heat, health insurance, food supply...

Dear businessmen, what will you deal in when you ruin those who create real values? Who will produce the goods thanks to which you get richer, when in sharing resources you're forgetting the real producers and are creating more unemployment with your policies? Will you eat money, when you let collective farms go bankrupt? Will you milk bills or mow securities?

On the other hand, there is nothing bad about money. But if it becomes the mainspring of human activity, then it brings ruin. Money is a very low goal for a human spirit. Even the First Commandment speaks of it: “You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not bow down to them.” And money is the “golden calf” of many.

Although many think that man desires money, it is not so. He actually seeks love, happiness, friendship... not money. But he wants to reach it through the wrong way. He thinks that if he has enough money he'll be able to gain all that he desires. However, he's just another one among those who have been deceived by bait advertising of businessmen and sweet words of politicians who are promising that money can bring all that to them. Nevertheless, much happier are often those people who have given priority to spiritual values before money, no matter whether they are poor or rich. They know that money will buy them nothing of real value, and so they are finding higher goals that are filling their lives with true happiness.


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