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Message of Beechen Gnomes

Message of Beechen Gnomes

Write to people my message. I know much. I am 130 years old. I live there, in the beechen forest, where growing beeches are more than 120 years old and where wetness is, and where there is no forest fire. I like to spend my time mostly in close touch with massive patulous huge tree-tops beeches.

My task is to help those trees. They can live and grow without me, but with me they are more cheerful. When it is raining, we have celebrations. You people - you are different. When it rains in the forest, you get annoyed, you try to find some cover against rain, you try to protect your body against wet, and when you become too much wet, then you get sick. When the rain starts, you run away from the forest.

For us, forest beings invisible for you, it is different. When it is raining, we are happy. The water does not harm us. Our body is covered with soft skin, which surface we use for breathing and if it is wet then we can breathe much better. On the other hand, if it is dry then we can hardly breathe and direct sunlight hurts us. Therefore we - little friends of beeches (you called us gnomes, but we called ourselves "little forest beings") - most of all like to live in the shadows of patulous beeches, so the sun cannot shine on us much. There, in our chambers under the roots of beeches we mostly sleep during the day and come to life at night or also at day if it is raining.

We are in mutual understanding with animals. We help both our old beeches and their younger friends in our sector of the forest, so that everything is in order: we help little beechnuts so they can grow to little beeches; we guide animals and birds so that they know where they can settle in our place. We advise them what they can or cannot eat, we show them where they can establish a shelter or where they can build a nest.

Each of our actions is leading towards prosperity for our beeches. So, we support those actions which are helpful and suppress those which are harmful for them. For example: we stimulate germination of beechnuts and growing of little beeches until another being, who is responsible for all functions of the whole tree, takes care of them. We support life of those animals which are supposed to live under cover of our beeches (mice, bank voles, martens, squirrels and dormouse); out of the birds, we support woodpeckers - we direct all species which come in to our place to those trees which are in need of help. We support nuthatches, treecreepers, blue tits, chaffinches, robins, blackbirds and also falcons, so they can work right here either under or on our beeches. We can run fast, we can climb rocks, jump on branches and jump from one tree to another.

We always have confidence in our actions, because they are always successful; therefore we do not know fear. We are always sure that everything what we are doing is right, useful and good, therefore doubts do not torture us, we are always cheerful and we do not know grief.

We also support many species of insects - you even do not know their names, so I am not going to tell you which ones I mean - in their actions, which are flourishing for both our beeches and the whole forest, because what is useful for beech as part of the whole is reflecting in functions of the total whole.

There in our little kingdom we keep essential balance by suppressing those actions which could not be useful for the good condition of our forest. We suppress excessive consumption of beechnuts. Especially nuthatches are disobedient - they often take away more seeds than necessary. If wild-boars come here, then we allow them to eat as many beechnuts as they need for their saturation and we send them to another place if they start to exaggerate it. And we also force lickerish mice not to eat just beechnuts but also to seek another sort of food. We do not allow jay to eat more eggs than it needs for calcium production inside its body and we allow squirrel to take as many nests as it needs for saturation of itself and its brood. The balance of the forest must not break in any circumstances.

We never punish anybody directly. There are other beings here, which weave lines of fate for animals and plants, and thus they determine the movement of their destiny. We just do our work.

We also help many plants which should grow in our kingdom. Some of beings get into here by mistake, those we send there where there are better living conditions for them. In my peroration: we care for quality of life to be more than just the best in places where we act, we contribute for maintenance of the nature balance and we bring joyfulness and mirthfulness into life in our workplace.

Our activity is on the borderline of two worlds: ours - the inner world, and yours - the outer world. Our will, because it is and always must be good, transfers to the material world, and when our will is strong enough and operates long enough, then it manifests in the material world; for example: a beechnut germinates faster with us than without us, or flower strikes roots more effectively with us than without us, or a bird can build its nest on a more suitable place with us than without our activity.

These manifestations are small but they are proportional to the energy that we expend. You, people, you cannot see them, because you are not from our world, you cannot even understand it. With your activity you are making our work more difficult and sometimes you disable our existence. You walk through the world as you like, without respecting the will of plants, animals, forest beings and little forest beings.

You are destroying those trees which could still live long and by doing this you are destroying our homes too, and then we must leave them. We eat moisture, rootlets, leafs of herbs and grass and sometimes forest berry too. Our body is very subtle; therefore, little amount from gross weight of the material food is enough for us, for our normal functioning.

Rains which are tingling and itching our skin and our body are also the result of human actions - the whole world of beings suffers this and our suffering is noticed also by those beings which are spinning the fate of humans - not only of individuals, but also of the whole groups of people. Without wetness and without beeches we can live only very short time, only few days.

There are three of us here with you now - we hid ourselves inside your things. We can reduce the size of our body a little, that is why this is possible. Normally, our height is half of the man`s height. If you concentrate on our face, then you will be able to make a drawing of us too.

And now, after we told you all these important things, we ask you to take us back to the forest, please. You do not have to go to that beech wood where we were born. We have noticed your sincere interest about old beeches, therefore we have joined you, and we ask you, please, take us to that old beech wood about which you think that is suitable for us. If you will find a new home for us then we will be very grateful to you and we will be happy again.

The message from Beechen Gnomes was received by
MVDr. Samuel Pańćenovsk


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