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My parents

My parents

Parents are divided into two parts: mother and father. Mother is also divided to a housewife and working woman. Then at home she also represents: wife, mother, cook, cleaner, washer, buyer, book-keeper, governess... I don't remember other workloads but Mum can name more of them like: maid, slave, etc.

Mother is characteristic by the fact that she magically appears in several places at the same time, she can think about hundred things while doing ten tasks at once. With my own eyes I see how she returns home from work, puts water on the stove while making dough for noodles. During the same time her washing machine keeps running and she keeps exchanging the laundry, helping me to create statements, requests and questions and tests our Olinka how good she is in the large multiplication table. When later she changes our little Karol's diapers and prepares him baby milk with grits, I don't even notice. Two eyes are not enough to see it. Because when then I start with my dinner, the poppy seed and nuts are already grinded up, noodles are cooked and new holes on the knees of my tracksuits are fixed. Olinka has her hair washed and the laundry hangs on the balcony. I secretly observe my Mum and she has really only two hands… But still when she comes home from work, in her one hand she carries small and big handbag, in the second one she has shopping bags and in the third one... no, I already said she has only two hands but baby Karol, too, is in her hands.

Father is not composed of such things, neither is he divided. His place is at work and at home but at home you will find him rarely. Except having breakfast and dinner when he sits at the table he usually spends time on the sofa or on the couch covered by newspapers. He always leaves the same marks behind him: newspapers opened or left upside-down and cigarette ash, too, sometimes even in the ashtray. However, he also has two hands, but unlike the mother he comes home with empty hands. I don't know if he knows the multiplication table but I guess he can't write because he hasn't signed my school book for me yet. It is not known yet why he is in the parents' category when he doesn't attend school parent meetings at all.

The teacher said that while writing this homework we should think about the work of our parents. At school a student who is not working and studying properly is assigned to a good and industrious - better student, so that the weaker student can learn something from him. That is why I think that upon marriage men are assigned to women, so that the women can teach them something good and have a good influence on them. Unfortunately, my Mum failed here.


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