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Man often thinks that acting on people in his surroundings is limited to presentation of some opinions that he often imposes upon others and, if he does not find an absolute agreement on the other side, he is ready to quarrel and promote his “truth”. However, at the same time he completely overlooks that, with his actions, he only multiplies anger and hate, and he indeed acts against his wish...

Once I wanted to copy some papers. I came to the little window in the door, but the lady inside did not notice me. She was too busy with copying. I wasn't in a hurry, so I waited. After a while the lady turned and when she saw me, she yelled: “Why didn't you say anything? I haven't seen you! I don't have eyes on my back.”

Then, I felt a flow of heavy vibrations and I almost opened my mouth to act the same way as she did, but... I couldn't. Something inside myself stopped me: “I do not want to do this.” The lady had probably a client before me, he was angry and decided to vent it upon her, maybe the same way as someone else upon him, and I really didn't aspire to be the next victim in that order.

I smiled at the lady and I said to her: “I've got time. Finish the job in your hands, I'll wait.” The lady’s face features softened and she said in a kinder tone: “You would be waiting for too long. I have still plenty of that.” I smiled at her again and she added even more kindly: “So, show me what you need.” “You're kind. Just two pages,” I said. “You know, I have plenty of that now... and my children are ill at home, my husband...” And the lady spoke with confidence, which suddenly arose between us, and with each uttered word that followed she appeared to release her heaviness and the dark energy around her purified. I just stood and listened without any action. I listened to her deeply focused, living inside of me what she said – as if all of that concerned me directly. But I haven't thought about it, haven't rated it, and neither emotionally experienced it.

At the moment we said goodbye to each other, the lady radiated with happiness and a beautiful smile appeared on her face. She surely lighted it up on the faces of other customers...


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