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Christians condemn me...

Christians condemn me...

Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven. (Luke 6:37)

To "receive Christ" does not always necessarily mean to "receive Him" verbally. You can do this also by acts - turn to your Muslim brothers, Hindus or Jews. If you can establish proper correspondence and Love, then you are in harmony with God's wish. Is this what God wants, or do you think it is rather something else?

God exists. Unfortunately, religious groups fight for certain social hierarchy, which often includes a wish to grab power and to control others. There were already some efforts to join all religions - to join us all the people. Unfortunately, this idea is not very much acceptable for most Christians, Jews or even Muslims. Nevertheless, Muslims have a Bahai religion (http://www.bahai.org/), which says that all religions have one source of Truth and it is a kind of Islam in Islam - they have their own martyrs and are persecuted even today in countries like Iran.

The Truth is not visible very much. It is because of many obstacles. One of them is the mainstream media or society's purpose to brainwash us all the time - you never hear certain things (like information about Bahai religion, for example). Thus, apart from the fact that Islam consists of various sects and ideas, the media give us only one picture - Islam is bad. They never publish info on British colonization of India or Australia, or on slavery... Thus, artificially developed opinions become "a truth" that only some people in this world are bad.

The sinister engine of brainwashing works in such ways, for example, that publishers are looking for books that get sold most profitably. This does not mean that a profit is bad, but from the two conditions - "less money" and "the highest profit" only the latter is chosen. Thus, the Truth hardly gets to the media environment. This tragedy also happened to movie industry - the more guns you see, the more money actors and producers have in their pockets. It is perhaps because most people like various stunning stories and media managers think that showing a deep religious debate on TV, for example, would force viewers to switch the channel.

In about 1992 I bought a book "Nostradamus' Prophecies Deciphered". I read it carefully, but - unfortunately, only now can I confirm that none of the "deciphered prophecies" actually happened. I understood that the book's purpose was only a profit and brainwashing.

Do we really know our history so well? White Australians were shooting aborigines like in games. It was their sport. Have you ever seen atrocities of British colonizers (India, America, Sri Lanka...) or American "war-makers"? Or have you ever heard about Arabs who saved Jews in World War II? These are historical facts - some Muslims helped Jews escape from the Nazi extermination. The media mostly speak about Russians (as KGB agents) and Arabs (as terrorists)... USA supported terrorism during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan (now these turned against USA) and now some Albanians in Kosovo receive a great support from the West, which strongly condemned Jiri Dienstbier (a government member of former Czechoslovakia) who said that, "It's a tragedy to condemn terrorists, on the one hand, and support them on the other hand - such a policy cannot bring any rewarding results".

To the pity of it all, we live in the world without much values, or with values but such ones that belong to society (a career, a good university degree, an artificial smile) and not to God - everybody wants to earn big money and build their houses even on top of a cemetery.

So, if you understand, most media and mainstream society, too, work this way and the "truth" they transmit to us, either electronically or visually, is based upon the principle of making the highest profit. We all know that money is necessary, but surely not at the expense of other "truths" about which we hear rarely, very rarely. There are many quality psychological researches that confirm the bad influence of media on us. Do you think that killing a man without showing any compassion - something we watch on our TV screens every day - does not "infect us" with an artificial behavioral model the message of which is that compassion is actually something that degrades us?

In this chaos, many religions behave nonsensically and beyond God's directions. Our soul is immortal, that's for sure, but a good belief doesn't require a perfect knowledge of every text in the Bible - it's enough to look at the Ten Commandments and that's it.

So a question is here - what is better? Condemning people like us - who think that the Truth lost itself in the mainstream environment (in mainstream religions, mainstream society...) and keeping the Commandments hypocritically and become rather xenophobic and alienated from anything that is only a little different? Or love all people without differentiating their "religious labels" (or national ones) and seeing them rather in simple light as Christ did?

For about three years I taught here (our native language) one American group of Christians. They used me as an agent to help them in various situations, like going through customs, etc. I helped them with moving things from Vienna airport, too. They all stayed here for a couple of years, some for a couple of months only, but the air transportation (from the US) of old furniture at cost of 30,000 dollars I did several times for them (let's say, 90,000 dollars all together) was a waste of money (the whole truck of old furniture). If you believe in God the right way, this is a good example that faith can also have wrong directions, whether you worship Christ, YHVH or Buddha. Although they talked about Jesus all the time, it was difficult for them to become a little more perceptive - here you can buy old furniture for about 2000 dollars... Ninety thousand dollars is the money that may be used, in countries like Sri Lanka, much more effectively, and in Kenya or Uganda with miracles. Do they know that many people, even children, die in this world every minute or second? What Christ do they want?

Transportation of old furniture, at how ever big cost, is not the only thing when money is wasted. If a religion is directed wrongly, then even missionaries' salaries and their time go wrong direction.

God is one, but people somewhat degenerate and He keeps coming here, now and then, in the form of Rama or Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, or even Mohamed. These ancient bequests hold one principal idea only - preserving dharma (a good order, preservation of justice, etc.) and promise of the Kingdom of God. Now the situation is that many Christians are like Pharisees during the time of Jesus - they are almost like them and nothing has changed, only the system (means of social rules, different bureaucracy, etc.) and technology...

Replacing one God with another One is a mistake people are lured to do. You must not kill innocent people, you should not lie, you should not destroy nature, etc. This has nothing to do with the fact that one god is better than the other one - the right way follows the direction of how you really want to live with God and how you understand His wish - and His wish is only one - let us all live in harmony, piece, without selfishness, lies, wars, etc.

Most religious people forget to differentiate between a color of a religion, or a denomination, and God's wish. We also live in times in which our sources to God are difficult to trace - not because we have the Bible or Gita, but because there is not a visible authority that would say that God's wish is more important than denomination quarrels. Real truth seekers learn Hebrew or Sanskrit; they do not watch da Vinci Code. The Bible itself is not translated exactly, as the original Hebrew did not write vowels, so a good example is (when scholars do not even know the proper vocalization of YHVH) that some words written in the old Bible could give us even 10 meanings (or words) depending on the vowel in the middle. Christians' tendency to explain Bible word by word and to condemn others who have a different opinion only proves that they, or most of them, are totally disorientated in concepts, in what is good or bad, and in many other things.

It is better to tell people about God than to preach about various specifics of the Bible and quarrel for words (Jesus says: DO NOT QUARREL FOR WORDS...). There are certain things you should never do. If a prisoner comes out of jail and you occasionally meet him, you will not condemn him, and explain to him that doing certain things is a wrong way - that there is God, you help safe somebody else's life in the future. This means to receive Christ the right way. But contrary to this "Christianity" most Christians condemn even people like me simply because we do not have the "same style".

Christians diverted themselves away from God and selfishness controls them. It is wrong if white people go to the Amazon and preach the gospel there. Indians living there are part of the Amazon's ecosystem and preaching there is like when one race obliterates the other one. Do we want a life without crocodiles or birds? This is also about how God's values have continually kept disappearing throughout our history and got replaced by artificial social patterns, which use various forms, condemnation is one of them, for oppression, and with one purpose only - to make us all be part of this sorcerers' world, or part of its devilish aspect, I might say, and support it. The biggest sin is incorrect use of guns, but hardly ever someone says, in Christian political parties, too, that Love is the greatest weapon...

It is difficult to believe in God and simultaneously hold the panhuman principles - on the one hand, and to be condemned, on the other hand, only because you refuse to accept certain prescribed formulas of dogmas. And when someone reminds us of one biblical commandment: "You will have no other gods before me", he never thinks of other "gods" like career, money, success, etc. to all which these bow every day without a capacity to understand that many names can sometimes mean ONE (depending on the content they hold), and that "no other gods" often looks like going to church without noticing the hungry and the lonely. My experience with the above-mentioned American group of Christians only confirmed this. They think that Muslims cannot be saved because they did not receive Christ. If a Muslim behaves to you like to your brother, he has already Christ in his heart. All believers should take care for themselves - it is God's decision to decide who will be saved.

There are certain principles like to love your neighbor, to believe that God exists, to believe that Christ was resurrected... but when you come to the point of what religious people mostly do you realize that, with such opinions like I here present, you are not "good" enough for most of them; they want to "strip" you of your natural particles. Followers of Christ often condemn people who believe in Him only a little differently. Is this what Christ wanted?

Those who received Christ the right way behave the right way.



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