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The miracle of the feeding

The miracle of the feeding

As evening approached, the disciples came to Jesus and said: "This is a remote place, and it's already getting late. Send the crowds away, so they can go to the villages and buy themselves some food. Jesus replied: "They don't need to go away. You give them something to eat." "We have only five deeds of love and two words", they answered. Then he directed the people to sit down on the grass. Taking the five deeds of love and pair of words and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and He shared love and was giving it to disciples and the disciples were giving love to the people. They all were satisfied, and love still left over for deeds and words of twelve generations. The number of those who ate was about five thousand men, besides women and children.

So it is. The more love is given, the more it grows. And the more we give it, the more of it remains for us. Man does not live by bread alone, but on every word that comes from God. Or do you think that is not so? That spiritual food cannot satisfy man?

Maybe you have already experienced it yourselves, but you have just forgotten it... Just try to recall the moment when you were happy - truly very happy. Did you think of food then? Did you feel hungry? Maybe later, when the fit of happiness was gone... but who would then, when his heart is full of happiness, think about food..? Is it thus possible to satisfy hunger otherwise than with tangible food?

Also when man is experiencing deep sadness or sorrow, then he also intensively lives in the spirit and doesn't feel the need of material food. Many of you certainly lived in the days, when you fretted so much, that you were not able to eat. But let's come back to parable about the miracle of the feeding, which is unfortunately often seen as a physical action only.

Try to imagine, that you are living in the ancient time among the people, who came into the presence of the Son of God. Everybody around you is radiating and filled with the Power of God. The Word floating clearly in the air is opening the hearts of the people and they are recognizing the Truth. How strong it strikes when a man suddenly realize this amazing power of spirit, that the Creator put into man... Among disciples who made impenetrable wall round their Master, there stands Jesus, full of happiness. People don't even eat and rather listen to the Word of God. Full of love He is looking at these huge crowds and there is flowing the undrainable spring of God's Love from His heart. „These people are not like Pharisees, who are just thinking over the words, but they don't let them come into their hearts. These are the people, who hear my voice..."

Can you imagine such a great happiness, that had to be there and was spreading among people? Who would have thought of food then..? The people were satisfied with the spiritual food that Jesus offered. They were fulfilled with love and so happy, that when they later said they had been hungry and Jesus had satisfied them, they were right. Finally someone not only said them who they really are in the depth of their soul, but also gave them a chance to feel it.

When people had later recorded the gospels and much later others formed the Bible, it was probably unbelievable for them to believe that only love could satisfy hunger of so many people. Maybe they couldn't have understood what He divided among disciples and what they then passed to people. So they trapped on the words of disciples, that they had five fish and two breads. Maybe it was easier to believe the miraculous manifold of the food than the miracle of love. And then rumours about miracles were spreading easier than the message of love - since who would believe that love could have satisfied hunger? And what then, after so many years, when people were putting together what they remembered on Jesus or after three centuries when the first Bible was written...

Jesus was the Son of God and it is necessary to understand that on these people, who opened their hearts, it had even stronger effects. The rumours were spreading and foregoing Him. Everybody wanted to know more and to talk even more about it and it was very easy to add something more to true messages till the completely new descriptions of events were created totally different from reality. Even today when you tell somebody about the mosquito flying in your garden, the people will soon start to talk about the elephant savaging your crop.

Many of the gospel authors had never seen Jesus and wrote only what they heard from people. Maybe that is why so many gospels were eliminated out of the Bible when it was being put together, because they contained too many incredible stories which could have never happened.

We are living in the laws of nature which are liable to the Laws of God. Do you think Jesus would have broken the Laws of his Father? What is perfect, does not need to be changed or broken - because God put perfectness into the Laws, that is why everything is good and useful so as it is. God is not great, because He can do whatever He wants, but because He created His eternal and immovable Laws, in which everything works to the smallest details perfectly, according to His Will.

Nothing what Jesus did broke the laws of nature. For example, it is possible to resurrect a dead man to a certain time, unless his spirit is completely released from the body. Also nowadays there are cases, when a man was resurrected. Forgiveness of sins and healing is also possible if man changes his heart, the same it is with many other things, which Jesus did, and which we consider to be miracles only because of our imperfect knowledge of the laws of nature. None of them were against the laws of nature.

What do you think, would Jesus be happy, if we learned to multiply love in our life and were happy? Or he wanted to show us how the food could be manifold comfortably and without work just to support already quite a big laziness of human spirit?

Love is the keystone and the basis of all in God's Creation and here on the earth we live in distress only because we don't know to give love. We don't know how to share it and multiply it. What do you think, did Jesus want to stun the people by multiplying the food, or did He want to show the people, by his own example, what they were really missing and what they what they urgently needed to prevent spiritual death? Indeed Jesus as the Son of God acted and taught people only what they needed.

Admit, even today nobody knows how to manifold food miraculously, and neither disciples did it at that time. You know why? Simply because it is not possible. What is it good for to believe in something you cannot use in your own life when the most important things are slipping away through your fingers? Unlike this you certainly know the power of a smile, a kind help or a kind-hearted word and might have noticed how miraculously love was multiplied then. You might have felt a heat at the heart causing so much happiness. So what is good for a blind belief in multiplying the material food, if you can believe in multiplying love in such way, that it will enter to the every moment of your life? Love should not be the subject only of a religious talk, but the keystone of everyday life.


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