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“If one makes a change in his life only on the outside and not inside as well, it is of no real value. Wouldn’t it be foolish to remove a smudge only from the face in the mirror while leaving the real face dirty? Therefore, please try to see in the article on vulgarisms below first of all the actual causes of consequences, because only after eliminating them will the change be permanent.”

The Slovak saying goes: “The bird is known for its feathers, the man for his speech.” It is a great truth. Human speech reveals everything about a person: his character, depth, spiritual maturity, thinking, and therefore also his value as a human being. Human speech should be noble, high, pure, uplifting, inspiring respect, spreading Good and positive thoughts, and when necessary it’s also stirring, rousing, awakening and reaching out to the other person to the depths of his soul.

But let’s look at the speech of the man of today. It’s very far from this ideal. It’s full of vulgar, rude, obscene, violent, double-meaning words with allusions. A question is justified: Why are vulgar words so spread at present and why have they become part of the common vocabulary? It was different just a few decades ago. Vulgarism was the speech of asocials and scum.

Today’s modern or rather, perverted time forces a person to be rude, rough, tough and unkind. Man has got used to venting his inner tension that comes from constant stress and pressure through vulgarisms. Many others are rude because of helplessness, frustration, failure, and disappointment. The worst part is that adults are not even ashamed anymore to swear in front of children who think they are heroes when they imitate “grown-ups.” It is saddening when you accidentally hear a conversation of today’s young people, even girls. A person, who possesses at least a little sound judgement, must turn away in disgust. Children and youth speak only what they learn in their environment. Besides the influence of parents and people from their immediate surroundings, it is media that significantly influence the upbringing of youth. It’s high time to think about what legacy we hand down to the next generation.

However, the major reason why one uses vulgarisms is the eradication of the feeling of shame. Often under the guise of progress – as a removal of something useless that is no longer fashionable in today’s world and is even detrimental! However, the opposite is true. Healthy and natural feeling of shame is the best protection against spiritual retrogression and all evil. Therefore, if we want to remove vulgarisms from the speech of people, we should focus on restoring the natural feeling of shame.

This feeling of shame breaks down easily, but is difficult to build, so you must begin by proper upbringing of children. The feeling of shame prevents from using base and vulgar words, but also prevents from leading immoral lives, dressing immoral, committing evil and other baseness that press the human spirit down. Natural and healthy feeling of shame and listening to the voice of your conscience is the greatest help and protection for every human being.

All of you must know the saying: “Tell me what you read and I’ll tell you who you are.” Have you ever considered what most of the people read? Statistics show that the most popular daily and weekly newspapers in Slovakia are tabloids. Although many people disagree with their contents, they do keep buying them.

People, by buying the tabloids, you actually support them! Note that, because it depends only on us, whether the tabloid periodicals will continue to be published or not. Many of them have almost turned into erotic magazines. People, this is what you want to support?

It is the duty of every man of good will to ennoble and refine his speech and thus show that there is also a different path that one can choose to walk. I encourage you therefore, if you still have within you a piece of healthy intuition, do not support anymore what benefits no one, but is harmful. That way you’ll help cure not only the media, but also the human spirit.

Jaroslava S.


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