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In the Light of Truth

Anything of true value can never be gained without a great deal of effort. This is true especially when seeking the Truth and real knowledge, because Truth and real knowledge are anything but cheap clichés and the smooth talk that is often mistaken for real knowledge.

The work In the Light of Truth enables us to learn unspoiled and simple Truth through its perfect description of the whole of Creation and the functioning of its Universal Laws. Specifically we can find there the clear and straight path guiding human spirits to self-realization, spiritual development and their return out of this material world back to the spiritual world from where they had descended for the purpose of developing their souls.

Like any other book, the book In the Light of Truth can only point at the Truth, because Truth itself is not expressible in human words and therefore cannot be put into a physical book. Instead it is far more important to live the written word with our spirit than it is to learn rational facts. Only while fully absorbing each sentence and comparing your own life with the natural laws as they will be shown in front of your eyes in their perfection, will the book In the Light of Truth become useful to you. As a matter of fact, any knowledge that offers information only is of no real value, if at the same time it does not lead us to full spiritual consciousness and provides us the ability of differentiating unmistakably and in all situations of our daily lives that which is essential from what is irrelevant, that which is true from what is false, that which is worthy from what is worthless.

If you read the book In the Light of Truth very carefully, and if you were to let each sentence fully come to life within you, then it could happen to you that you might not remember much of it, but everything you feel inside will then have become alive. And you will be able to automatically apply all of it to your life without need to remember how it was written in the book. The Truth will become your own knowledge and you will feel it clearly inside of you without the need of either thinking or meditating about it. The inner voice is the faithful connection between the spirit and the Light and allows you to perceive clearly and every moment of your life what is or what is not in harmony with God's natural laws.

If you have not read the book In the Light of Truth yet, then we would encourage you to read the lectures in this book from the beginning and in the same sequence in which the author has placed them there. This is important, because each lecture brings new information that causes the necessary spiritual growth to occur for readers to then fully comprehend all the new information that is offered in each subsequent lecture.

Reading the book In the Light of Truth is not too easy. Full concentration and spiritual watchfulness is demanded of the reader. But the effort of reading is work on ourselves at the same time and helps us in our spiritual ascent, without which it is impossible to find the Truth.

The book In the Light of Truth does not offer ready-made opinions, instead its author, Abdrushin, encourages us to strictly and objectively examine the knowledge brought by him. However, if it is your intention to contest or criticize the Truth that is contained in the book, or if you want to prove your own opinions and prejudices, or if you wish to make the author the idol or the subject of fanatical following, then you are wasting your time. The book In the Light of Truth is meant for sincere seekers who want to live according to that Truth and who want to return to living in harmony with God's natural laws again.

If you will read the book In the Light of Truth with a real desire for knowledge and without all prejudice and rigid dogmas, then you will find treasure in it that is incomparable to all the treasures of the world. For every seeker the work In the Light of Truth is the best source of knowledge we can recommend. Our web pages are but opaque reflections of the knowledge you can find in that book. If you possess at least a shred of desire for the Truth, then this book will ignite a flame of knowledge in you that will never go extinct.

Free yourself from all darkness!

Grail Message by Abdrushin

  1. What seek ye?
  2. Awake!
  3. Silence
  4. Ascent
  5. Responsibility
  6. Fate
  7. The creation of man
  8. Man in Creation
  9. Hereditary sin
  10. Son of God and Son of Man
  11. God
  12. The inner voice
  13. The religion of love
  14. The redeemer
  15. The mystery of birth
  16. Is occult training advisable?
  17. Spiritism
  18. Earthbound
  19. Does sexual continence further spiritual development?
  20. The Last Judgement
  21. The conflict
  22. Thought forms
  23. Morality
  24. Watch and pray!
  25. Marriage
  26. The claim of children on their parents
  27. Prayer
  28. The Lord's Prayer
  29. The worship of God
  30. Man and his free will
  31. Modern psychic science
  32. Wrong courses
  33. Ideal people
  34. Cast all your sins on Him
  35. The crime of hypnotism
  36. Astrology
  37. Symbolism in the fate of man
  38. Faith
  39. Earthly possessions
  40. Death
  41. Departed this Life
  42. Miracles
  43. Baptism
  44. The Holy Grail
  45. The mystery of Lucifer
  46. The regions of Darkness and Damnation
  47. The regions of Light and Paradise
  48. World events
  49. The difference in origin between man and animal
  50. The separation between mankind and science
  51. Spirit
  52. The development of Creation
  53. I am the Lord thy God!
  54. The immaculate conception and the birth of the Son of God
  55. The crucifixion of the Son of God and the Lord's Supper
  56. „Come down from the Cross"
  57. This is My body! This is My blood!
  58. The resurrection of Christ's physical body
  59. Human opinions and God's Will in the Law of Reciprocal Action
  60. The Son of Man
  61. Errors
  62. The sexual power and its significance for spiritual ascent
  63. „I am the Resurrection and the Life, no man cometh to the Father but by me!"
  64. What separates so many from the Light today?
  65. The call for the leader
  66. Gross matter, ethereal matter, radiation, space and time
  67. The errors of the clairvoyance
  68. Varieties of clairvoyance
  69. In the realm of demons and phantoms
  70. Occult training, meat diet or vegetable diet
  71. Healing magnetism
  72. Live in the present!
  73. The great Comet
  74. What must a man do to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven?
  75. Thou beholdest the mote in thy brother's eye and considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye
  76. The Battle in Nature
  77. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit
  78. Sex
  79. Is old age an obstacle to spiritual ascent?
  80. Once upon a time..!
  81. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!
  82. The gods - Olympus - Valhalla
  83. Vocation
  84. Being that is man
  85. And a thousand years are as one day!
  86. Intuition
  87. The World Teacher
  88. The Stranger
  89. Last word
  90. The Antichrist
  91. And it fulfilled..!
  • Concluding words
  • Appendix: The Ten Commandments of God
  1. I am the Lord thy God! thou shalt have no other gods but Me!
  2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain!
  3. Thou shalt keep the Sabbath Day Holy!
  4. Thou shalt honor father and mother!
  5. Thou shalt not kill!
  6. Thou shalt not commit adultery!
  7. Thou shalt not steal!
  8. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor!
  9. Do not let thyself lust after thy neighbor's wife!
  10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house, nor his farm, nor his cattle, nor anything that is his!
  • Life

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin I.

  1. Holy Word
  2. In the land of twilight
  3. Resurrection morning!
  4. Ponderer
  5. Voluntary martyrs, religious fanatics
  6. Servants of God
  7. The instinct of animals
  8. The kiss of friendship
  9. The woman of subsequent Creation
  10. The distorted tool
  11. All that is dead in Creation shall be awakened, so that it may pass judgment upon itself!
  12. The child
  13. Vocation of womenhood
  14. Kingdom of a Thousand years
  15. A necessary balance
  16. Jesus and Immanuel
  17. Christmas!
  18. Omnipresence!
  19. Christ said..!
  20. Devotion
  21. Etheral thorny shrub
  22. Laziness of the spirit
  23. "Motion" - a Law of Creation
  24. Earthly body
  25. Temperament
  26. Behold, man, how you should wander through this Creation so that threads of fate will not hinder but further your ascent!
  27. The Star of Bethlehem
  28. A new Law
  29. Caste system, social structure
  30. Duty and loyalty
  31. Strive for conviction!
  32. The beauty of the nations
  33. What you are, man!
  34. It is finished!
  35. Let Easter revive in you, man!
  36. At the boundary of gross matter
  37. Earthman before his God
  38. Recognition of God
  39. The Elemental beings
  40. Who don't want to know my Word now for something else, them I will not know at their hour of need!
  41. The little elemental beings
  42. In the gross material workshop of the elemental beings
  43. A soul wanders...
  44. Woman and man
  45. Distorted souls
  46. Spiritual guide of man
  47. Threads of Light above you!
  48. Christmas bells warning sound rings through the Universe
  49. The Primordial Queen
  50. The cycle of radiation
  51. Shun the Pharisees!
  52. Possessed
  53. Ask, and it shall be given unto you!
  54. Thanks
  55. Disappointment
  56. And when mankind will ask...
  57. Let there be Light!
  58. I send you!
  59. Easter 1934
  60. Unsubstantiate
  61. How the Message should be absorbed

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin II.

  1. The gate opens!
  2. The wound
  3. Omniscience
  4. The human word
  5. New Year 1935
  6. See what is of benefit to you!
  7. The Spiritual Planes I
  8. Believers of habit
  9. The rescuing wish
  10. The Spiritual Planes II
  11. Great clearing
  12. The Spiritual Planes III
  13. The Spiritual Planes IV
  14. Easter 1935
  15. The Spiritual Planes V
  16. The Spiritual Planes VI
  17. The Spiritual Planes VII
  18. To the May 30th 1935 (The victim)
  19. The Guardian of the Flame
  20. Power of speaking
  21. Alive Word (Pentecost 1935)
  22. The family bond
  23. The intimate home
  24. The flame of the disciples
  25. The weak sex
  26. The destroyed bridge
  27. Creation - survey
  28. Spirit-Germs
  29. Elemental-Germs
  30. Pathfinder
  31. When the misery is highest, God's hepl is nearest!
  32. Cleaning flames
  33. Abyss of the own wishes
  34. Soul
  35. Nature
  36. The Ring of the Elementals
  37. Do not fall in the temptation
  38. Christmas

The lectures are carefully interlocked with each other and grow in power and depth. That is why we urge you again to read Abdrushin's book In the Light of Truth lecture by lecture, sequentially from the beginning. You can surely imagine what the result would be if a student studied his assignments of increasing degrees of difficulty in random order...

Abdrushin wrote the book In the Light of Truth in the German language. Please consider that any translation from a foreign language can never fully measure up to its original. However, this does not stand in the way of understanding the simple Truth, what Truth in its perfection really is.

He who does not endeavour to grasp aright The Word of The Lord makes himself guilty! 


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