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There are numerous mathematical explanations and adventurous theories, the main objective of which is to try to explain the meaning of the ancient and biblical number 666. All of them have something in common: in these explanations, people stay passively near like beholders without need to do something... Many people found even more comfortable the following solution: they believe that the number 666 is devilish itself and they stay away from it with superstitions. But in the Book of Revelation in the Bible it is written that it is the number of man. Therefore, if we want to understand this prophecy, we must accept the fact that the number 666 is directly related to human beings, as well as the fact that if it is written in the Bible, it must be something of great importance.

Since the Book of Revelation is all about the Final Judgment - Dei Judgment, the number 666 must surely have something common with valuation of human being and his/her spiritual quality, which will be most important in the Dei Judgment.

To understand this prophecy, we will need to focus on the fact - which has been nearly totally forgotten - that the Book of Revelation does not speak about the number 666, but about the numbers 600, 60, and 6! Now it is possible to calculate the number of man, as it is written in the prophecy, and the whole thing gives us a sense.

Here is the wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.

Take the number 666, which in good or bad conditions either denominates the ideal or the devilish human being! Divide love in human beings into 666 parts and give 600 parts of it to your God, 60 to your neighbor, and 6 parts leave for yourself! However, if you give only 6 parts to your God, 60 to your neighbor and 600 for yourself, you are surely a devilish human being!

Love is a measure of true quality of man. If we want to understand how love is distributed in human beings, first we must clearly know what is self-loving, what is if we love our neighbors, and what means if we love our God. If we love someone, we offer him our time, our resources; we deal with him/her or with it in our thoughts, words, and actions. By this we can easily see how we distribute our love. If we do things that bring benefit only to us, it is self-love. Loving our neighbors is something that gives happiness to somebody near us. Our love in direction of God is surely not measurable with quantities of hours we spent in church, thus we can hardly fill up the number 600, but it is measurable with time we use to develop our soul; it is measurable with our work focused on elimination of unpleasant attributes of our character.

When our soul gets clearer and brighter - only then can we get nearer to God, and only in the moments when our love gives fruits of actions. Now it is the time to speak about love to God. Those who, before doing anything, take into account if every action they are going to do is in harmony with the Divine Laws - they surely have no problem to fill up the number of 600 parts for their God, especially if all what they do is done with love. The number 600 is ideal; it is the goal that human beings progressively achieve; it is not an unconditional circumstance. It is of great importance if man is trying to fill up these 600 parts on his/her loving path to God - to the Creator, or on a self-loving path.


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