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There is possible to obtain two different translations of the book In the Light of Truth, Grail Message by Abdrushin in this time. For the quality of the translations see samples below, please. These books are rather expensive, probably because of the small quantity of prints, but the quality of the binding is really good.
Edition Bernhardt
Crystal Publishing
Edition Bernhardt

1933 translation of the original edition of the book In the Light of Truth, Grail Message by Abdrushin (1931), known also like a "Great Edition" is from the time of Abdrushin. It is more literal translation and translator used often his own words:

Crystal Publishing

2008 translation of the books In the Light of Truth, Grail Message by Abdruschin (1931) and Echoes to The Message of The Grail (1934), are a new, very good translations, which translate exactly Abdrushin's words, as possible as can be book translated from German language:

For guidance!

The bandage falls away, and belief becomes conviction. The mind only feels itself free and at peace when it is convinced. I am only addressing serious seekers. They must be capable and willing to judge from an unbiased standpoint. Religious fanatics and irresponsible enthusiasts may hold aloof, for they are only detrimental to the truth and, as for the malevolent and the prejudiced, they will find their sentence in the Word.

This message will only touch those who have a grain of truth left in them, and who wish to represent a human being as he should be.

To all such it will be a lamp to their feet and a staff in their hand, and will safely lead them out of the chaos and confusion prevalent today.

The following exposition does not promulgate a new religion, it is intended as a guide for all hearers and readers to the way upwards, to the longed-for goal.

Only he who starts of his own accord can advance spiritually. The fool who appropriates and makes use of the ready-made opinions of others, is like one who dismembers his own sturdy legs and walks on crutches.

As soon, however, as he boldly summons his slumbering abilities (they lie waiting to be called to help him), he is putting his talent to account in obedience to the Will of the Almighty and will easily overcome all obstacles that seek to deter him.

Therefore awake! Right faith is conviction and conviction only comes after submitting a question absolutely impartially to the test. See that you are awake and alive in God Almighty's wonderful Creation!

For your guidance!

The bandage falls and belief becomes conviction. Only in the conviction lie liberation and redemption!

I am speaking only to those who are earnestly seeking. They must be able and willing to objectively examine this matter! Religious fanatics and unsteady enthusiasts may remain afar, for they are dangerous to The Truth. The malicious, however, and the prejudiced shall find their sentence in the words themselves.

The Message will only strike those who openly bear a Spark of Truth in themselves and the longing to be true human beings. To all of them It will be the lamp and staff. It unswervingly leads them out of all the chaos of the present-day confusion.

The following Word does not bring a new religion, but It is meant to be the torch for all serious listeners or readers, so that the right way may be found thereby, which leads them to the longed-for Heights.

Only he who bestirs himself can advance spiritually. The fool who avails himself of foreign means for this purpose, in the form of the readily available opinions of others, goes along his path as if only on crutches, while his own healthy limbs remain unused.

But as soon as he courageously employs all abilities which slumber within him awaiting his call as the means for ascent, he uses the talent entrusted to him according to his Creator's Will, and will easily conquer all obstacles that cross his path intending to steer him away.

Therefore, awake! Only in conviction lies the right belief, and conviction comes solely through a relentless weighing and examining! Stand as one who is alive in the wonderful Creation of your God!


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