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A new spiritual food

A new spiritual food

When bare emptiness had started to rule over the Earth and food of mankind did not produce enough strength and refreshment, the Son of Light descended down to bring man a new food.

He firstly approached those who used to divide the meal to people. When he looked into their bowls, he found that the gruel was rotten and mildewed. So he offered them his own food.

The gruel givers tried his new food. But as soon as they did, they immediately pushed away the dishes and said scornfully: "Taste of your gruel is not recognizable to us - we have our own gruel. Since it has always been good for our fathers and grandfathers, it would be good for us as well."

Thus, the Son of Light had to look for people who had not yet gotten used to the old gruel's taste. He found them among fishermen and simple people. They immediately caught a whiff of the new gruel's power and started eating it with full spoons; incredibly happy, they offered it to other people around.

The news about the new gruel spread widely and even after the Son of Light, who brought it to the people from the love of the Highest, had gone away, more and more people asked for it.

However, such giving of food for free did not last everlastingly and the gruel givers again put their hands on the food. As the time passed away, gruel givers made the bowl's sides dirty; sometimes even something from their fingers dropped down into the gruel! And as if that was not enough, people with the dirtiest hands wanted to act as gruel givers.

Soon, when the gruel kept losing its purity, its joy-filling power kept disappearing too. The more the power of the gruel got weaker, the more praise it received from the gruel givers.

After some time, when the whole generations of gruel givers had changed their place over the dishes, the gruel in it smelled with mildew and putrefaction again. Gruel givers got scared that they might lose their important position, and as a result of this they started to give promises that everybody who sacrifice them his or her appetite and sense of smell would surely get the everlasting right to possess the gruel.

Thus, crowds of people have enjoyed the spice of the gruel until today and they do not allow saying anything bad about it - they have the nose but they do not sense the smell; they eat the gruel but they do not feel any taste of it.

Although there are always few suspicious folks that do not seem to find the gruel so delicate and they simply do not like it, however, the crowd people look always the other way - they maintain the same standpoint when seeing the new food handed over again by the Absolute One in His infinite love. The new bread of life was rejected similarly like it had been repudiated long time ago not only by the gruel givers but also by those who got strongly accustomed to the old food and exchanged everlastingness for the promise of having the eternal right for the gruel. However, everybody who is searching and who is tireless in his search, will find this spiritual food of life.


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