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The vigilant perception in use

The vigilant perception in use

For conscious life we need energy. However, we do not need to look for new sources, but we will use better those that we already have. One of the ways by which we receive the energy several times a day is eating.

The digestion process itself burns a lot of energy and this is just a point where we can save a lot. Most people guzzle unconsciously and they almost do not perceive the food, because their thoughts are somewhere else when they eat. One thinks about problems, reads, watches television, talks to others or to himself. At the same time he does not perceive that he does not chew his food properly but he swallows whole pieces of it. Then the body must exert lot of energy to digest the food and produce more gastric juices. Because of this, during conscious eating we will eat food in smaller morsels and we will chew it properly, so the food will be grounded really well into pieces and mixed with saliva. More consistent chewing influences also our sub consciousness and we feel already full just after eating smaller quantities of food.

It is also important to notice the food visually, its shape and color, its taste and smell, hardness or softness and the sound made by chewing it. Then the body knows what we eat and it will produce adequate gastric juices. Thus we will save other energy and prevent our stomach from producing undesirable gastric acids.

Choice of food is usually guided by delight and unconscious man is able to eat really whatever. But we will choose the food according to its nourishment qualities and vitality, the energy hidden in the meal, which we will be able to feel thanks to consciousness eating better and better.

It is important to realize that everything, including ourselves, is created from the Light. However, we cannot eat the light directly and therefore we must receive it through the food. That is why most of the energy is contained in all that grows under the sunlight, because it absorbs light during the time of growing.

The vigilant perception during the conscious eating is a  necessity, because man can easily forget and start to gulp the food again. In order to avoid this, you should help yourself by being conscious of your breath in the first place. Breathing is a way to receive energy too, and it is also a good way to hold vigilant consciousness in the activity that you are just doing. Vigilant perception is not about concentrating on particular things, but it is a free perceiving of everything at the same time without needing to think on what you are observing. In such perception you will be able to realize the position of your body along with your surroundings and the way you eat.

It will certainly not work all at once because you still have not enough energy. But if you manage the first little step and at last chew the food properly, then your energy will increase and you will be able to move to the other step. And if you retain attention during the whole process of eating the meal, then you will experience something great: you will feel fresh, light and full of energy after the meal, and not tired as you used to be during unconscious eating.

It is also important, who prepared the food and how. If one cooks with love and awareness, the food is strengthened by these vibrations and will give us more vitality. Certainly you have noticed yourself that the food made from the same stuff tastes differently when different people prepare it and it is completely different if, for example, machines in large canteens prepare it. And if you will be thankful for the gifts which you received in order to retain your body, then also other powers will be transferred into the food.

Please, do not forget that what was written works only if you try it. Reading itself does not have any effect.


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